Openly Enjoy the Joys of Youth with IDOLS! The Season of School Festival Finally Comes!

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Openly Enjoy the Joys of Youth with IDOLS! The Season of School Festival Finally Comes!

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It’s getting colder and colder in Japan as it becomes autumn. Japanese often define it as the season for feasting, reading, sports and so on. However, for students, the season might be defined as the time for school festivals. Universities in this season come alive with students preparing for the festival. The festival offers not only the opportunity to experience their daily lives but also talk shows and live concerts. Idols are no exception. Universities come to invite idols and have events with them. Tickets for these event tend to be cheaper than other events, so if you have even a little bit of interest, it is recommended for you to enjoy Japanese school festivals!


School Festival at Waseda University

If you have to pick one Gakuen-sai, go to “Waseda-Sai”!

Waseda-Sai 2015
Let us introduce Waseda University’s school festival called Waseda-Sai. Waseda-Sai is known for the biggest school festival in Japan. It is reported that over 160,000 people come to the festival during its two days. The festival will be held on November 7th and 8th at Waseda Campus and Toyama Campus near Takadanobaba station.

BELLRING Girls’ Heart One-Man Concert
“Hitomarukyu~Jiken wa Kyositsu de Okotteirunoda!~”
Date:November 7th
Open:11:00 Start:12:00
Place:Waseda University Waseda Campus Building No.10 Room109


Yurumerumo × Waseda-Sai
Date:November 8th
Talk Show: Open 11:00 Start:11:30
Live Concert: Open 15:00 Start:15:30
Place:Waseda University (Details to be announced)



Other Idol Groups You Can See at Gakuen-Sai!


BiSH is the idol group that Junnosuke Watanabe, ex-BiS manager, produces in order to re-start BiS. They formed some months ago but now, it is the group that many idol fans keep their eyes on. For further information here 

BiSH in Gakuensai
Date:October 10th
Open:13:30 Start:14:00
Place:Tokyo Polytechnic University

NIF-Nichigei Idol Festival
Date:November 1st
Open:14:35 Start:14:50
Place:Nippon University Ekoda Campus Big Hall


PASSPO☆is the girls’ unit that formed in 2009 and debuted with achieving the top of Oricon Weekly Charts. They will perform at two universities.

Seigakuin University School Festival
Date:November 2nd
Place:Seigakuin University Outdoor Stage

Meiji University Event “Yappari PASSPO☆ ga Number1!”
Date:November 1st
Open:16:30 Start:17:30
Place:Meiji University


Bandjanaimon! is a group formed by Misako who also plays the drums for Shinsei Kamatte-chan. They call themselves the mixed-media of the idol world. Each member’s personalities are so different and unique, which makes them so interesting!

Date:November 22nd
Open:14:00 Start:15:00
Place:Saitama University Sogo Gymnastic


Cheeky Parade & GEM

These two groups debuted from idol streets will appear in Hoshi Yakuka University’s school festival “Hoshi Yaku Sai”. Cheeky Parade finished their first concert in France some days ago. Do not miss their world-standard performance!

Hoshi Yaku Sai Idol Festival
Date:October 24th
Open:15:15 Start:15:45
Place:Hoshi Yakuka University Main Building Mail Hall



Except for the idols above, many idols will appear in school festivals, it is highly recommended to experience both live concerts and atmosphere in universities!

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