TGU Give Away : Get a School Bag & Put Something on It as Japanese School Girls Do!

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TGU Give Away : Get a School Bag & Put Something on It as Japanese School Girls Do!

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Sukuba” means school bag. You’ll definitely notice them when watching anime and dramas set at school. Even if you’re walking along Shibuya or Harajuku, you are sure to pass many high school girls carrying school bags.


Love Live!




Originally bags that were only used for school were called “school bags”, but it’s common to refer to any navy or black Boston-type bag that looks “school bag-ish” as one. Even girls that have the freedom to carry whatever bag they like often choose to carry school bags. Recently, even though more girls are wearing backpacks with their uniforms to school, school bags are stilly the most popular.


Moreover, although just a school bag, they come in all shapes and colors, and there are many interesting points girls consider when choosing one. Three school girls, Wakatechi-chan, Monica-chan, and Namichan kindly taught us the differences!

▼The most basic type are those with a navy body and a gray handle, and these seem to be the most common. To say, typical school girls’ style!



Get a Navy Bag!

▼Sometimes you’ll see the gray body and navy handle type. Many private schools have bags, so bags with gray as their main color look preppy (or like you have some money).



Get a Gray Bag!

▼The best looking bags are leather bags. Leather bags are also said to be the “cutest”. They’re grown up looking and smart.



Get a Leather Bag!

They most eye-catching and important part of a school bag is that “you put something on it”. “Usually girls don’t just carry it as is,” said the three school girls!

Nami-chan likes Pokemon, so she paired a Pikachu tail with Inkay. Pokemon might seem a little childish, but normal schoolgirls think their goods are cute and they are popular. Wakatechi-chan has a large Duffy plush and a KIRIMI-chan mascot. Disney and Sanrio! They represent high school girls who love cute things. Wearing school bags on your back like a backpack is stylish. It’s a gyaru habit. (lol) Monika-chan has member of her favorite band, Meijibray, a different-colored plush, and band pins that appeal to her love of bands.

Have you noticed? For most regular schoolgirls, having one big plush on your bag is like an unspoken rule. I asked the reason why and was told, “Because having something big looks cute”… And just seems sensible. So to everyone, I recommend to try putting on a big plush doll.

If you want to really complete a cosplay schoolgirl uniform outfit, do it with a school bag. It’s convenient even if you use it like a regular bag, so why don’t you try it out, too. Be sure to enter this month’s giveaway!

Photo by Yosuke Mochizuki
Translated by Jamie Koide

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