Say Hello Again! GANG PARADE Unwraps MV for “Plastic 2 Mercy”!

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Say Hello Again! GANG PARADE Unwraps MV for “Plastic 2 Mercy”!

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GANG PARADE has peeled away the covers on the MV for the rerelease of their classic debut song “Plastic 2 Mercy” (release date: December 27)!

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Released back in 2014 when the group was a duo named Pla2me, there was never an official MV for it until now! Seeing that they are now known as GANG PARADE and are a 7-member group, with Saki Kamiya as the only remaining original member, it has been re-recorded with all new vocals. Some of the filming took place the day before all members of the group were to run a 200km ekiden from Shibuya, Tokyo to Atami, Shizuoka starting on December 3rd and ending on December 5th. There’s a lot of random English that appears on the screen. Is there a deeper meaning? Then again, most J-pop MVs don’t make any sense do they?


Although the single will only be available at Tower Records in Japan, “Plastic 2 Mercy” and the B-side “WINTER SONG” are available as limited time free downloads on OTOTOY as well as up on Soundcloud.

GANG PARADE member Maika Kyan is also one of the 10 participants in SAKIDOL ACE SURVIVAL SEASON 6!

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