The Moment Sailor Moon Fans Have Been Waiting for: the Release of a Sailor Moon Crystal Clothing Line!

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The Moment Sailor Moon Fans Have Been Waiting for: the Release of a Sailor Moon Crystal Clothing Line!

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Women’s apparel brand ‘Tralala’ has attracted huge attention for bringing us an adorable new clothing line based on the recently released anime ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’. ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’, the anime that has provided Sailor moon fans with a fresh take on the popular series from the 90’s, features the cute, eye-catching sailor school uniforms that so many of us adore. With the release of ‘Tralala’’s new clothing line, die-hard fans and Japanese fashion lovers alike will get the chance to blend all that is cute and pure about the outfits it into their own everyday style.

Five items will be available for purchase from the new line, giving Sailor moon fans plenty to be excited about! The adorable items on offer include macaroon sailor uniform fashioned tank tops, crystal broach embroidered sailor knitted tops, V-neck cable-knit cardigans with Luna-patterned embroidery, an originally designed Luna and Artemis-printed skirt, as well as a uniquely designed striped pouch.
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Can’t wait to get your hands on one of these items? Well you can be one of the first if you pre-order online. Pre-orders will be available from 4pm (Japan time) on Friday January 23rd and can be completed through the Tralala online store and SuperGroupies home page. The clothing line will then be available for purchase at respective stores between late January and early February.

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Translated by Cherly Coyle

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