Transformed Girls are Powerful!: PR Video Filled with Typical Things Magical Girls Do

Transformed Girls are Powerful!: PR Video Filled with Typical Things Magical Girls Do

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The PR video of Kao company’s “Liese Prettia”, a hair coloring product was released. The video includes the typical things magical girl animes do.

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On the TV of a woman’s room, an imaginary anime “Magical Girl Liese Prettia” starts. The title, “First Episode: Typical Magical Girls” is shown and introduces the typical things magical girls do.

Lise prettia_001
Lise prettia_002

1. Say a word and it’s all revealed. Talking about secrets with a loud voice.

Lise prettia_003

Seems like a normal scene where the main character goes to school, but as she opens her mouth, first thing she says is “I’m Lize, a normal 2nd grader of junior high school, but I’m actually a magical girl! It’s a secret to everyone!”. She explains to the audience, revealing her secret by speaking to herself!

2. Don’t ask why! Super-bright-colored hair.

Lise prettia_004

She says, “I need to keep myself from standing out! It’ll be a trouble if everyone finds out that I’m a magical girl.”, but her hair color is super bright. She is already standing out!

3. A wearable fairy following the magical girl secretly.

Lise prettia_005

“Ahhh! I can’t breathe.” Awarun, a fairy which was hiding underneath Lize’s hair appears. Lize tries to hide him by holding her head, but others ask “Lize, are you alright?”. Again, she is standing out!

4. Definitely appears near by. Community-based invasion.

Lise prettia_006

The sky gets dark and the weather changes rapidly. The enemy appears near her school. “Oh no. I’m in class right now!”. The enemy definitely appears somewhere near the heroine.

5. The body flashes due to a grown-up situation. Compliance-flash.

Lise prettia_007

Holding the item for transformation, Lize transforms to a magical girl. While she does, she is naked for a moment, but due to a grown-up situation, her body is filled with mysterious flash.

6. Being quiet while transforming. Manners of the villan.

Lise prettia_008

Lize’s transformation takes about 30 seconds, but the enemy is waiting without attacking.

7. Never ripped. Super-tolerant costumes.

Lise prettia_009

“Bursting bubbles of justice! Magical girl Liese Prettia!” She finished her transformation which changed not only her costume but also her hair color and style. However, she gets attacked immediately. The costume never gets ripped even after a huge damage. It’s very tolerant.

8. Not immediately. Plays her ace 3 minutes before the end.

Lise prettia_010

When Liese Prettia is in danger, Awarun advises her to do “Bubble Splash!”. She plays her ace saying, “Yes, I will color with justice!”. Why doesn’t she do it in the beginning?

9. Pretty, powerful and admired by everyone, transformed girls are the best!

Lise prettia_011

Prettia successfully defeats the enemy. magical girls are the best!

In the video, the woman who was watching Prettia says, “I used to think that I can transform like a magical girl.”. Then Lize’s voice says, “Adults can transform, too!” out of nowhere. Using “Liese Prettia”, adults can transform and change their hair colors as well.

Starting with “Cutie Honey”, magical girl animes such as “Sailor Moon” and “Pretty Cure” are always admired. They are cute and strong as they transform from a normal girl and fight against strong enemies. This video is filled with the typical things about the heroines!

After watching the video, Hisashi Kagawa, the animation director of “Sailor Moon” and the character design, animation director of “Fresh Pretty Cure” couldn’t help saying “This is awesome although the pigtails seem familiar from Cure Peach.”.

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