Run to the New Wind! : palet marks a clear departure from the pure idol style!

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Run to the New Wind! : palet marks a clear departure from the pure idol style!

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palet‘s 1st full album “LOVE n’ ROLL!!” is set to hit the shelves of Japanese stores on March 4th.
Today, the group has unveiled the jacket covers for that and the music video for its lead track “Run to the New Wind”.
The song is produced by the tag team of legendary producer Tetsuya Komuro and composer Hiromasa Ijichi. This song has a cool, mechanical quality that marks a clear departure from the pure, idol-style songs they have released in the past.
It has been over a year since their major label debut, and they are steadily expanding the scope of their various activities. We can sense their growth as performers from this video which projects a new image that has never been seen before.

All things considered, their expressionless dancing should really make a cooler, more mechanical impression, but their appearance still has remnants of girlishness and humanity. Every inserted solo shot shows their cute, pretty faces, which is exceptionally charming. They attract more and more fans with their special sense of closeness and unassuming personalities.

palet’s new song, Run to the New Wind, incorporates new musical challenges, so you should check it out just now!

Run to the New Wind / Music Video

Contributor Wanted!!

LOVE n’ ROLL!! Type-A [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

LOVE n’ ROLL!! Type-B [Regular Edition]

Track List
1. LOVE n’ ROLL !!
2. Believe in Yourself !
3. Run to the New Wind
5. You are My Miracle
6. Glory Days
7. Arigatou
8. Kimi no koto
9. Keep on Lovin’ You
10. Wonderful Girl
11. Samahori ~Summer Holic~
12. Shake My Soul
15. Koi Zakura

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Kenji Harada
Kenji Harada

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