Risa Yamaki from Country Girls Shows Fresh Innocence in Her First Solo Blu-ray!

Risa Yamaki from Country Girls Shows Fresh Innocence in Her First Solo Blu-ray!

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The first solo Blu-ray Disc of Risa Yamaki from Country Girls, is going to be released!! Even though she is currently only an eighteen-year-old high-school senior, this product shows the charms of this cute girl who features adult looks and an intellectual atmosphere around her.

This movie starts from a scene that she commutes to a school. Her figure tells us a feeling of her calm character and fresh innocence and she shows us one of her special talents, horse riding!


After removing her favorite horse-riding outfit, it can be seen that she establishes an emotional bond with a horse. Although she has met the horse just before demonstrating her advance horse-riding skills, she could commune with the horse. Moreover, in addition to the horse riding, this one catches her normal life with wearing some casual clothes.

Lastly, she moves to a house in the middle of the woods. The image of her in a dress will make your heart skip a beat and it makes you glimpse at her cuteness and femininity which leads you to forget her age. Unfortunately, it was raining the day of the shoot. It was said that the shooting team would be able to make a good production regardless of this weather thanks to her charms.
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