Petit PASSPO☆ Makes History With First One-Man Live at Harajuku Astro Hall!

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Petit PASSPO☆ Makes History With First One-Man Live at Harajuku Astro Hall!

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Petit PASSPO☆ celebrated their one-year anniversary a few days early with their historic first one-man live at Harajuku Astro Hall on May 28, 2016.


Flags from countries all over the world decorated Harajuku Astro Hall as the “supporters” (fans) assembled to see how far Petit PASSPO☆ had come since their free first one-man live on September 6, 2015. Because it was a “free photography” live, for more pictures, search #ぷちぱ初ワンマン.

Petit PASSPO☆ kicked off the festivities with “Go Fight! Fly High!”, their supporters singing along and rocking from side to side. Hinata Yagi (aka Hina) gave an opening pledge, vowing that she and the rest of the group would give their best efforts on their special day. Eldest member Omoka Chiba (aka Omochu) announced that in recognition of the event, she woke up at the “extremely early” time of 8:30 in the morning. Continuing, she declared that everyone in the venue would “witness history being made since a a first one-man live only comes once”.

Getting things back on track with “1.2.Sunrise”, Petit PASSPO☆ pumped their arms as they jogged around the stage. Omochu and Riko Fujimoto (aka Riichan) holding out water bottles for the others as they sprinted towards the finish line, where they all collapsed (just like in the MV). Having entered the stadium, Petit PASSPO☆ took to the pitch, kicking and dribbling their way through the soccer-themed “Yamato Nadeshiko JAPAN”.

Following “Puchipa-Sports” (“Yume Passport”) and “Hareruya”, Omochu introduced the debut of a new cover song “Pink no Parachute”, describing the choreography as being like that of a cute dancing doll. With the return of a song that had been all but lost since the day Makoto Okunaka graduated from PASSPO☆ on January 1, 2015, the response was overwhelming! The series of covers came to a close with “Muteki GIRL” and the members mentioned how Shiori Mori and Yukimi Fujimoto had helped with the choreography for the 2 songs. While Hina shared that the fast and difficult moves in “Muteki GIRL” had driven her to tears, Riichan casually remarked how her sister had taught her.

Diving into the anchor leg of the live with “Zenryoku Swimmer”, Petit PASSPO☆ rounded the bases with “Nekketsu Positive Revolution” and threw out a few signed balls into the audience. Whipping up a breeze during the towel-waving “LA LA LOVE TRAIN ~Koi no Katamichi Kippu~”, the members hopped across the finish line with the festive “Seishun Dreamer”. As soon as the members left the stage, a “Puchi Pa” encore call began, speeding up and starting over several times as the supporters appealed for Petit PASSPO☆ to come back for a victory lap.

Running back out onto the stage in gold and green soccer-style outfits with samba feathers on their backs, Petit PASSPO☆ announced their new song “Ultra Samba” which was written in recognition of the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Shaking to the spicy Latin rhythms, Hina’s headband flew off.

Just as the members were about to announce the last song, PASSPO☆ rushed out to deliver some happy news: Petit PASSPO☆ would be releasing their first mini-album on September 14th and holding their second one-man live at Mt.RAINIER HALL on September 4th. The members shared their thoughts on the live and experiences in their first year of being a group. Yuna Yamamoto moved PASSPO☆ captain Ai Negishi to tears when she shared that she had been worried about failing as an idol when Petit PASSPO☆ made their debut at Akasaka BLITZ and expressed that Harajuku Astro Hall at that moment was the best place to be thanks to everyone who helped make the live become the success that it was. The normally composed Riko Fujimoto began to cry along with her sister Yukimi as she struggled through the memories of the past year and thanked everyone for coming. Hinata Yagi admitted that she had first rejected the idea of becoming an idol due to her shyness but took it on as a challenge to change herself and was happy that she did it. Eri Hokazono shared that she had many times where she would doubt herself and caused others to worry but vowed to be stronger moving forward. Omoka Chiba recalled being overwhelmed by joining Petit PASSPO☆ since she had no experience dancing or singing and receiving encouragement from supporters who would comment on her improvement, and asking them to keep watching over her.

Ending the encore with their precious first song “Samurai Girl”, Petit PASSPO☆ and all their supporters became unified as they sang and danced together. PASSPO☆ returned and each of the crew took a commemorative photo with their smartphones. Raising their hands alongside the supporters and taking their final bow, Petit PASSPO☆ walked off the stage of Harajuku Astro Hall and towards bigger challenges in their second year as a group.

Set List

01 Go Fight! Fly High!
02 1.2.Sunrise!
03 Yamato Nadeshiko JAPAN
04 Hareruya
05 Puchipa-Sports
06 Pink no Parachute
07 Muteki GIRL
08 Zenryoku Swimmer
09 Nekketsu Positive Revolution
10 LA LA LOVE TRAIN ~Koi no Katamichi Kippu~
11 Seishun Dreamer

E1 Ultra Samba
E2 Samurai Girl

Photos by Mime Soga


Second One-Man @Mt.RAINIER HALL~Samba DE Dai-Undoukai~
September 4, 2016 (Sunday)
Mt.RAINIER HALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE, 6F Shibuya Prime, 2−29−5 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Open: 12:30pm Start: 1:00pm
Presale: 3,000 yen

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