Petit PASSPO☆ Cry Large Tears of Joy During Successful 1st Solo Concert!

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Petit PASSPO☆ Cry Large Tears of Joy During Successful 1st Solo Concert!

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Petit PASSPO☆ took the field at Roppongi Morph Tokyo on September 6, 2015 for their 1st free one-man live “Idol wa, Sports da!” as a full house of “supporters” (Petit PASSPO☆ term for fans) showed up in full force to cheer them on.

As the cheerful Petit PASSPO☆ overture rang out, the voices of the “supporters” called out loudly. Delivering a pledge to give a performance with everything they had, Petit PASSPO☆ began with “Samurai Girl”, passing the baton from member to member as the room was filled with the glow of several hundred cyalumes.

This was followed by the baseball-themed “Nekketsu Positive Revolution”, one of their newer songs, and a trio of PASSPO☆ covers. “Puchipa-Sports” (“Yume Passport”), “Hareruya”, and “Turn Round”. Taking a short break to greet the “supporters”, the members expressed their gratitude to PASSPO☆ for not only providing the songs for them but also helping rearrange “Yume Passport” into “Puchipa-Sports” via Yukimi Fujimoto’s choreography and Naomi Anzai’s lyrics.

Petit PASSPO☆ performed a new soccer-themed song titled “Yamato Nadeshiko JAPAN” for the first time. After teaching the “supporters” the choreography at half-speed, Petit PASSPO☆ got into a huddle before kicking off the festive anthemic song, weaving and kicking their way around on the stage.

Splashing into “Zenryoku Swimmer”, Petit PASSPO☆ linked arms and took to the skies with the pop punk of “Go Fight! Fly High!”, another new song. Featuring a section where some of the members are lifted up (similar to Shiori Mori in PASSPO☆’s “Himawari”), Riko Fujimoto couldn’t help but blush when she saw that some fans decided to mirror her movements from the dance floor.

Ending with “Seishun Dreamer”, Petit PASSPO☆ bunny-hopped back and forth on the stage with the “supporters” joining in as sweat glistened on their foreheads. Before leaving the stage, Eri Hokazono mentioned that they had brought a present, which turned out to be the MV for “Zenryoku Swimmer”. The room went dark and shouts of “kawaii” could be heard as the audience watched Petit PASSPO☆ splash around in a pool.

A heated “Puchi Pa” encore call began and after a few minutes, Petit PASSPO☆ returned to the stage, overwhelmed by the whole experience. Beginning with “youngest-looking oldest member” Omoka Chiba, the members shared their feelings about their first solo concert, tears slowing their speeches as the “supporters” encouraged them.

Omoka Chiba: “I would have never thought that we would be able to have a solo concert in just 3 months after debuting. It’s all thanks to the ‘supporters’ that this could happen and the CD would sell so well. As an idol, I’m still not good at singing or dancing but I’ll try my best from now on. Today was really a happy day! Thank you!”

Eri Hokazono: “Thank you so much for today! It was really great that everyone could have fun together! I was put into Petit PASSPO☆ right after I joined the agency and things happened so fast without me really understanding anything so I had nothing but worries but, thanks to all the supporters and other members, I’m really happy I can be standing on this stage today. From now on, I want us to become a group that people want to see. Please continue to support us! Thank you for an unbelievable day!”

Hinata Yagi: “I’m sure everyone already knows but, I can’t sing or dance at all . I caused so much trouble to the other members but, to be able to stand in front of everyone made me so happy It’s no good! So please continue to support Petit PASSPO☆!”

Riko Fujimoto: “It looks like it’s my turn isn’t it? Everyone said so many deep things but, I’m not going to do that. It was really so much fun for all of us to have our 1st free one-man live. But that’s obvious isn’t it? Because all of you ‘supporters’ are here. Did you have fun today? Thanks a lot really, yeah? During that one part in ‘Samurai Girl’ where you call out Hinata’s name, when I try and do it during practice, it’s not the same. You supporters are really important so, we want you to keep coming out to see us…we want to do a lot more of these free one-man lives so please keep supporting us.”

Yuna Yamamoto: “Well, first of all, thank you for today! When we first came on stage and saw all the cyalumes like that …, I felt like I was going to cry…what should I say? You know, I’ve gone to see PASSPO☆ many times before and it always made me happy. I was hoping I could make people smile just like that, well maybe not right now but…thank you so much for today!”

Just as they had begun about an hour earlier, “Samurai Girl” ended Petit PASSPO☆’s 1st one-man live, as their “supporters” crossed the finish line with them, cheering loudly. Expressing their wishes to keep up their fast pace, the members set their next goal, Harajuku Astro Hall (capacity: 400), the first place that PASSPO☆ had their 1st one-man live. With Petit PASSPO☆ managing to pack Roppongi Morph Tokyo (capacity: 250) in a few months since their debut, the day when they are able to “up their max” to 400 should be just around the corner!

Photos by Mime Soga

Set List

01 Samurai Girl
02 Nekketsu Positive Revolution
03 Puchipa-Sports
04 Hareruya
05 Turn Round
06 Yamato Nadeshiko JAPAN
07 Zenryoku Swimmer
08 Go Fight! Fly High!
09 Seishun Dreamer

E1 Samurai Girl

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