palet Forms Special Unit with Aniki, Password is “Seiya-!”

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palet Forms Special Unit with Aniki, Password is “Seiya-!”

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6 girl idol group, palet, held the release event for their 2nd single “Keep on Lovin‘ You” at the Ikebukuro Sunshine Fountain Square on April 24.

As it was announced, an experienced Enka singer Jiro Kanmuri appeared as a special guest, and “Jiro to palet” gathered a lot of fans in the shopping center.

palet performed their latest single and the coupling song, “Keep on Lovin‘ You / You are My Miracle”. Jiro Kanmuri passionately showed off his hit song “Honoo (Fire)” with his 6 cute backdancers. The 78th single for Kanmuri, “Boukyo Etoranger” was greeted by a lot of standing ovation. Members of palet were emotionally moved by the voice of Jiro Kanmuri, and asked Jiro “Would you mind if we call you Aniki (older brother)?” Kanmuri showed an experienced smile saying “That sounds very good.”


A name of the special unit became “Jiro to palet”. “Jiro to palet” introduced themselves one by one, and Jiro took people to the next tension with a loud shout of “Seiya-!”

The premiere of “Keep on Lovin‘ You” by “Jiro to palet” got a positive reputation from the audience. Besides, a surprise birthday party was held for Jiro’s 65th celebration. Happy moments were wrapped up by palet and Jiro’s “Seiya-!”


Jiro was interviewed his feedback, and cheered on palet as follows: “It was awesome that I could work with palet. I truly hope they will be the No.1 idol group in Japan, which brings their own features. The leader of palet, Yui Fujimoto presented her dream that she wants to sing at a Japanese famous show in December, “Kouhaku” as “Jiro to palet”.

palet is set to appear on the open-air stage of Yoyogi park, Tokyo on May 8. It will be a free live. So foreign fans luckily in Japan, let’s go there and cheer up them!

palet ~Keep on Lovin’You Thanks Giving for Fans FREE LIVE@YOYOGI~

Date : May 8, 2014
Time : 6:30 pm start
Location : Yoyogi park open-air stage

palet 1st LIVE TOUR 2014~Believe in Your VICTORY~

Date : August, 21
Venue : Abeno RockTown
1st stage : Open / 13:30 Start / 14:00
2nd stage : Open / 18:30 Start / 19:00

Date : August, 23
Venue : Nagoya M.I.D.
1st stage : Open / 12:30 Start / 13:00
2nd stage : Open / 17:30 Start / 18:00

Date : August, 27
Venue : Tokyo TSUTAYA O-WEST
1st stage : Open / 13:30 Start / 14:00
2nd stage : Open / 18:30 Start / 19:00

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written by Yuji Hara

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