palet Flutter Delicately in MV for 4th Single “SNOW DISTANCE”

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palet Flutter Delicately in MV for 4th Single “SNOW DISTANCE”

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That moment when a little girl embarks upon the journey to womanhood, the unmatched resplendence of that moment, is too beautiful for words.

Details and a MV for palet’s 4th single “SNOW DISTANCE” (release date: December 10) have been released!

In the video, the members are wearing pure white dresses with flowers in their hair while dancing in a moonlit forest grove as snow begins to fall gently. Reflecting the feelings of a young girl struggling with her first love, the members of palet give a melodramatic performance as fairies that seem to have lost their way, floating like snowflakes on a midwinter evening.

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“SNOW DISTANCE” was produced by Hiromasa Ichiji, who also produced SPEED, one of the biggest selling female groups in Japanese history. Knowing that Ichiji wrote SPEED’s “White Love”(1997), also a bittersweet winter love song, expectation is high for palet’s first love song.

Type-A features all 7 members on the cover, Type-B has a Yui Fujimoto and Mitsuki Kimijima two-shot, Type-C has a Miyuki Hiraguchi and Saki Takeda two-shot, and Type-C has Mizuki Kimoto, Riona Igusa, and Yumi Nakano on the cover. All first press limited editions of the single come with 1 of 18 randomly selected palet trading cards and a ticket for a special event.

palet will be ending 2014 with a solo concert at Shinjuku ReNY on December 28th. Why not reflect all that has happened this year with palet and be recharged for what is to come in 2015?

CD (Type A-D)
2. Shake My Soul
3. SNOW DISTANCE (Instrumental)
4. Shake My Soul (Instrumental)

DVD (Type-A only)
2. SNOW DISTANCE (Making of)





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