Unite into One! A New and Improved palet Kicks off their Live Tour All for One

palet新体制でのライブツアー「All for One」始動!
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Unite into One! A New and Improved palet Kicks off their Live Tour All for One

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On August 23, 2015, palet gave their first performance of their SUMMER LIVE TOUR 2015 ~All for One~ at Shin-Yokohama’s NEW SIDE BEACH. Following their Tomei Osaka tour last summer, this year’s tour, which spans seven cities, is their first nationwide one. Additionally, their Shin-Yokohama concert was the group’s first performance and first one-man concert with their new line-up since new member Mayu Watanabe joined.


Mayu Watanabe

The NEW SIDE BEACH live house, situated next to Yokohama Arena, was chosen as the girls’ new starting point. The word “live house” might not be familiar to some overseas fans, but it serves not only as a place where concerts (or a “live”, in Japanese) are held, but where there’s not as much distance between the audience, and is type of space that’s unrefined in a good way. There are no screens or flashy production equipment, and an artist’s set is only made up of their performance and the energy from the crowd, and as the show goes on, the air is thick and dense with emotions running high. That might be why the momentum of the performance the girls displayed is being posed as being faithful to what it means to hold a real “live”.


The level of performance they achieved was such perfection it would be impossible to grade it. It’s only been around a month since the group officially began as a six-member act. While each member played on their own individual strengths, the power they achieved as they united all of their strengths together is symbolic of their tour title, All for One. Though they played both regular songs and new songs during the first part of the concert, they also turned away from the past with performances of numbers like “Arigatou” and “Time to Change”, showing their determination to march positively towards the future. I felt a pang in my heart and was left speechless at the members’ expressions, displaying emotional performance skills that could rival any seasoned actress, yet overlapped with the real feelings of each member.



Additionally during the first half, they debuted the coupling song “Koi suru Wink” to their new single, “All for One”. In this song with palet’s characteristically cute melodies mixed with casual guitar rock, member Miyuki Hiraguchi was responsible for all of the choreography. The members appeared in their Keep Lovin’ You costumes for the encore with a red costume especially made for new member Mayu Watanabe, a visual welcome to her as palet’s newest member.



During the second part was a birthday party for Yumi Nakano, who had celebrated her birthday on August 4th. While the group had held a birthday party for her last year, she was unable to attend due to poor health, making this one her first birthday performance since joining the group and fulfilling a long awaited wish.




With shouts of “Yuyu-chan” during the encore, Nakano re-appeared on the stage by herself. It was the second time since their third year anniversary one-man, and for her second song she enthusiastically performed the self-composed track “Mirai Dokei”. After her song, asked about her goals since turning 17 during an MC, she said, “I want to improve my skills so I can clear the goals I’ve set for myself, and I want to give you all even better songs.” Her stoic attitude towards singing seems to have inspired the other members, and it really gave the impression that palet’s quality as a whole has gone up. For the last song of the concert, “Believe in Yourself!”, green glow sticks representing Nakano’s color filled the venue, and with the song’s presence really capturing and representing palet’s progressive state.


Overall, the group displayed a high degree of perfection this first day. The sense of unity between the members and the stage they created with their one focus was felt by all, and in addition to the relaxed performance by former captain Yui Fujimoto, it created a warm atmosphere between the stage and fans, which filled the venue. Indeed, by mixing all six colors in their palette, they’re painting with an entirely new shade, and they’ve gotten off to a great start. Their nationwide, seven-city tour has just begun. It looks like with each performance, the group will continue to evolve. We can’t help but look forward to how the group matures during this tour.


1st performance

2. Run to the New Wind
3. Runner
4. Believe in Yourself!
5. Nijiiro Horizon
6. Arigatou
7. Time to Change
8. Koi suru Wink
9. All for One
10. You are My Miracle
11. Itsudatte I LOVE YOU !!!
12. Ichigo Kibun
13. Glory Days
14. LOVE n’ ROLL !!
EN 01. Keep on Lovin’ You
EN 02. Shouri no Seal

2nd performance

1. Celebration
2. Itsudatte I LOVE YOU !!!
3. Shake My Soul
4. Kimi no Koto
5. Fly Away
6. give you love
7. Wonderful Girl
9. Koi suru Wink
10. Hashitte mita.
11. Dance break (Hiraguchi, Fujimoto, Watanabe)
12. Keep on Lovin’ You
13. Pink no Heart no Kumo
14. You are My Miracle
15. Ichigo Kibun
16. All for One
EN 01. Mirai Dokei (Nakano solo)
EN 02. Glory Days
EN 03. Believe in Yourself!

palet SUMMER LIVE TOUR 2015~All for One~

August 23, 2015 (Sunday)
Shin-Yokohama NEW SIDE BEACH!! (Kanagawa)

August 27, 2015 (Thursday)
DRUM SON (Fukuoka)

August 29, 2015 (Saturday)

August 30, 2015 (Sunday)
Electric LadyLand (Aichi)

September 5, 2015 (Saturday)
Sendai MACANA (Miyagi)

September 6, 2015 (Sunday)
Nishi-Kawaguchi Hearts (Saitama)

September 13, 2015 (Sunday)


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