MV for palet’s Major Debut Single “Believe in Yourself!” is Finally Out!

MV for palet’s Major Debut Single “Believe in Yourself!” is Finally Out!

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6 girls idol unit “palet” has revealed the MV for their major debut single “Believe in Yourself !” The MV was unveiled for the first time in their one-man live event held at a music venue in Tokyo on October 13th. In the MV, members show cheerful dance with the new costume.

palet was formed in June, 2012 as the sister unit of PASSPO☆.
On Novemver 20th, their major debut single “Believe in Yourself!” will be released from Nippon Columbia. The song has been chosen for the ending theme song of Japanese popular anime series “TORIKO.”

At the one-man live event, they professed “We aim for getting ranked in TOP 5 on Oricon ranking chart with our major debut single ‘Believe in Yourself!’.” If it’s not achieved, they promised, the members will go on principal stations in Tokyo to pass out promotional tissue to passersby and shake hands on the street. Furthermore, the tissue will include a ticket to be able to participate palet’s live event, which is planed to be held at night on the same date in Tokyo, for free in order of arrival.
If the single is ranked in top 5 admirably, the plan won’t take place.

They are still young, but they are growing up rapidly and are trying to go beyond PASSPO☆.
Please cheer up “palet” to make their major debut finally!

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