“The Day Of Setting off”, palet Fills Akasaka BLITZ with their Special Colors!

武田紗季・中野佑美 "旅立ちの日に"。paletが年末ワンマンで赤坂BLITZに残した6色の軌跡。
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“The Day Of Setting off”, palet Fills Akasaka BLITZ with their Special Colors!

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On December 28, 2015, palet hosted “palet LIVE 2015 Year End Special”, the largest one-man live in the history of the group, at Akasaka Blitz.

This was also the last day for Saki Takeda and Yumi Nakano, therefore it was an unforgettable day for members and fans alike.

They both had reasons to graduate, just as the ones staying behind also have their reasons for doing so. But on this day they were thinking about the same thing, and fans could feel it too: how to make this the best performance and the best day ever as a six-piece.

As for the fans that came to see them off, they wanted to support their favorites with everything they’ve got for one last time, and do the best they can to remember every detail of the best palet live ever. The air was electrifying.

On that day, Tokyo was incredibly cold as the winter tightened its grip. But as soon as the show started, everyone was sweating due to the heat and the passion inside the venue.



The live kicked off with “LOVE n’ROLL!!”, the quintessential palet pop sound. The song’s emotional 7th chords in the third  measure made it a perfect opener, and the crowd went wild.

Yui Fujimoto’s eyes were filled with tears as she stood on the stage and saw what was happening. She tried her best to hold the tears, and she never cried once during the performance for the rest of the show. (Even though her teeth was bleeding at some point during the live…)



The opener was followed by cute, girly songs such as “Koi suru Wink” and “Itsudatte I LOVE YOU”. Opening with 3 songs from 2015, I was deeply moved by the new palet, who has gone through many trials and tribulations and gained so much.



During “Shake My Soul”, a punk rock number, members raised their fists high and conveyed the idea that they were going all out and no boundaries could stop them.

After Nakano’s MC, which she ended with, “please listen to these songs as you recall various memories of us,” the group performed 5 more songs, some new and some old.


Performed on a regular basis, “Mune no Button” and “i miss you” are from their first album when they were still an Indies group, and are loved by members and fans alike. The overwhelming memories awakened by these two songs always manage to move fans emotionally. Miyuki Hiraguchi sang the signature bridge of “i miss you” with tears streaming down her face.


Winter songs “Snow Distance” and “Love Winter Memories” followed, and everyone held their breath as a sense of sorrow deep as winter snow filled the hall. “Arigatou”, a song about going on a journey closed this part of the show. Even though the painful lyrics reminded everyone of the inevitable, the looks in the members’ eyes were calm and determined, and eventually turned to smiles.

The next MC had each member reflecting on 2015. It was a very tumultuous year for palet, as they encountered many challenges throughout the year. But at Akasaka Blitz, it was clear to see that they have gained so much from the obstacles and evolved considerably.




Saki Takeda played the piano for “Yubikiri”, a ballad. She was able to play the entire song while the other members lovingly gazed at her and fans turned the venue into a sea of blue with their penlights. Afterwards, Takeda kept saying “Ocean!” while crying with joy.

New members were introduced during the next MC, as the 17-year-old Haruka Koiso and 15-year-old Rito Ichinose took the stage and greeted the audience. “I still have much to learn,” said Koiso, “but I will do my best, so please watch over me.” Ichinose spoke sincerely, “I want to make live performances extremely enjoyable for you, so I am going to give everything going ahead.” Coincidentally, it was Takeda and Nakano, who were graduating on that day, that handed the microphones to the new members and that was a huge moment for me.



The second half of the show saw the group perform 11 songs in a row without stopping. The audience and the group became one as the members left nothing behind in their performances. The hall was illuminated by green penlights during VICTORY as Nakano held back tears and penetrated Akasaka Blitz with her steady gaze and powerful voice. It was as if she was making the statement that “I sing, therefore I am.”

While members were a little concerned about Nakano’s injured foot, the performance gained more acceleration.



During “You are My Miracle” Mayu Watanabe expressed her love for Takeda and Nakano by saying “Saki-chan, Yuyu-chan, I love you!” Takeda and Nakano returned with smiles during the chorus and that was another poignant moment from the show. At the end, Takeda changed her usual “Sukidayo” line to “Minna! Daisuki!” as she turned to face everyone. The non-stop segment ended with “Ichigo Kibun”, with a “Let’s go, Akasaka Blitz!” call from Takeda. The main set ended cheerfully, with both members and fans enjoying the atmosphere. It was very palet-like.


The encore opened with “Time to Change”, which had lyrics like “The end is the beginning”, followed by Yui Fujimoto reading letters to the 2 graduating members.


To Nakano:

“I had always thought let me share your burden, and I will think so from now on. Please, please please think about yourself more. I want to hear more of Yumi-chan’s music, regardless in what way. You really have grown and worked hard. I am so grateful to have you in palet.”


To Takeda:

“I thought you were a strange one when I first met you. You can be anyone on the street, but you are also one-of-a-kind, just the way you are. Take-chan is someone that I feel comfortable to be around, without her having to say anything. I think it’s probably because she closely watches those around her and is always being considerate. She never cries when it’s about herself, but always does when she thinks about others. We have this beautiful relationship with her today because she is always there for us. Even though we are parting ways, please stay the way you are and enjoy yourself overseas.”




After wiping away their tears, they performed “All for One”, a song that was written for the 6 of them. This is the only song where Watanabe, who joined the group in July, performed alongside Takeda and Nakano. Watanabe almost couldn’t hold back her tears every time she made physical contact with Takeda during the song. This gesture filled me with a thousand feelings each time, but in Watanabe’s eyes, I could see that she was becoming stronger.

And then it was time for the graduating duo to present their last message to the fans.



“What I really want to do is not hide my pain behind my smiles, but rather express my feelings from the bottom of my heart through singing. Everything I’ve learned while in palet and every word I’ve been given by you will become my support. I will practice my skills and take the road to become a solo singer. Thank you for a really, really wonderful day today.”



“I will treasure the days I spent being supported by many people. I will work hard so that when we meet again, I will have become something more. I am very thankful to have been a member of palet and meet everyone. Please keep supporting palet. Thank you for the happy memories.”




“We have been helped by this song and its words,” said Fujimoto, “please let me hear you as we perform our last song. Please remember the 6-man palet as we are today.” The group launched into “Believe in Yourself”, and fans yelled until their voices gave out as Fujimoto rallied everyone to join the “Makenaide! Daijoubu!” call-and-response part of the song.


“This is our last performance with six members,” said captain Hiraguchi, “but to the two of them and the rest of us, it is a great start to a new stage. We always give our best because we want to give as many people hope, courage and support as possible, and we hope our thoughts have reached you.” She sounded very determined when talking about the group’s future: “We will be forging ahead with everything we’ve got, and we would like you to come with us. Be it 4 years, 5 years, and after that, we will still be working hard.”


The best day came to an end as Takeda and Nakano waved goodbye to fans from the stage.

24 songs, 2.5 hours. The members, who gave their best performance to date, left the stage in generous applause and endless calls of “Thank you”. They’re off to a new start with what they’ve inherited from the past. palet has carved a part of its history in Akasaka Blitz, and it will be remembered by both members and fans. Just as Hiraguchi said, I want them to come back here after they’ve evolved. I want them to become many times, even one hundred times stronger.

From each member of palet, I could feel a strong sense of responsibility as a performance group which determined to show the best. There was no hesitation for them. Only one thing in their mind is to go the straight way to their dream.
So, “palet” is the place that members themselves, more than fans, can love and proud of. Then, I hope the members and fans to maintain the “favorite place” where the great soulmates gather together.

As I look back and feel grateful for everything they’ve given me, I want to somehow etch the elation of seeing their growth in my heart. Thank you very, very much.

01. LOVE n’ ROLL!!
02. Koi suru Wink
03. Itsudatte I LOVE YOU!!!
04. Shake My Soul
05. Mune no Button
06. i miss you
09. Arigatou
11. Fly away
12. Run to the New Wind
14. Pink no Heart no Kumo
15. Kiminokoto
16. Keep on Lovin’ You
17. Shouri no Seal
18. Celebration ~ Tokimeki Good Time~
19. You are My Miracle
20. Glory Days
21. Ichigo Kibun
22. Time to Change
23. All for One
24. Believe in Yourself!

LIVE Info.

palet and 3min. Regular Performance!!

“palet & 3min. Friday night”
Place: AKIBA Cultures Theater
Date: January 22nd, February 5th, 19th, March 4th
Open Time: 19:00
Performance Time: 19:30
Reservation Ticket: ¥2000 plus Drink Fee
On the Day Ticket: ¥2500 plus Drink Fee


Date: March 19th (Sat)
Place: Daikanyama LOOP
Open Time: 12:30
Performance Time: 13:00
Advance Ticket: ¥3500 plus Drink Fee
On the Day Ticket: ¥4000 plus Drink Fee
Fan Club Tickets Sale Starts from December 29th 13:00
Normal Tickets Sale Starts from January 18th 13:00

palet official website:

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