A Breath of Fresh Air in Nogizaka46’s MVs for “Fuusen wa Ikiteiru” and “Sanbanme no Kaze”!
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Nogizaka46 shine a spotlight on their up and coming members in the MVs for “Fuusen wa Ikiteiru” and “Sanbanme no Kaze” from their 17th single “Influencer” (release date: March 22)!

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“Fuusen wa Ikiteiru” (Type-C exclusive) has selected Under Members donning suits and entering the courtroom as teams of lawyers pleading their cases and serving up some New World Order-like dance moves. Showing off their feminine side, there are also dance scenes of them wearing flowing white dresses as well.

Contributor Wanted!!

“Sanbanme no Kaze” (Type-D exclusive) introduces the 3rd generation members of Nogizaka46 by going behind the scenes of a photoshoot packed with images sure to help any potential fans find their “one and only” or put DD (fans of many/all idols) in a predicament.

“Influencer” will be released in 4 CD/DVD limited editions and a CD regular version. The Type-A exclusive song is “Igai BREAK” by Misa Eto, Mai Shiraishi, Kazumi Takayama, and Sayuri Matsumura. The Type-B exclusive song is “Another Ghost” by Marika Ito, Asuka Saito, and Nanase Nishino. The Type-C song is “Fuusen wa Ikiteiru” by the 17th Under Members. The Type-D exclusive song is “Sanbanme no Kaze” by the 3rd generation members. The regular version exclusive song is “Atarisawari no Nai Hanashi” by Rina Ikoma, Sayuri Inoue, Minami Hoshino, and Miona Hori. The coupling song for all versions is “Jinsei wo Kangaetakunaru” by Manatsu Akimoto, Reika Sakurai, Kana Nakada, and Yumi Wakatsuki.

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