uijin Heats Up Neo Tokyo With MV for “meltdown”!

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uijin Heats Up Neo Tokyo With MV for “meltdown”!

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Neo Tokyo idol group uijin revealed the MV for “meltdown” during their sold out 1st one-man live “uijin one man live -yes we can 2017-” at Shibuya Milkyway on March 13th.

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“meltdown” follows in the footsteps of uijin’s 1st MV “001”, it’s a mixture of idol and rock/electronicore. Creative team THINGS (PassCode) returns to put their stamp on the MV as well. The single “meltdown/overdrive” went on sale on March 13th but details of whether or not it will be available online are pending at the moment.


uijin’s 1st album “stay hungry,stay foooolish” is slated for release on July 5th and will be available throughout Japan. Hopefully, it also means that it will be sold online as well? Their 2nd one-man live will also be held on July 5th at Shibuya eggman, the venue where they made their debut. uijin is also joining QUADRUPLET PHƠ TOUR2017, an Osaka/Nagoya/Tokyo tour with Alloy, NEVE SLIDE DOWN, and Wagamama Rakia beginning in April.

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