Full Speed Ahead as NGT48 Takes Top Spot at AKB48 Group Request Hour Set List Best 2017!

Full Speed Ahead as NGT48 Takes Top Spot at AKB48 Group Request Hour Set List Best 2017!

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The results of AKB48 Group Request Hour Set List Best 2017 may have General Manager Yui Yokoyama rethinking her answer as far as who AKB48’s rival is as it was the idol empire’s youngest group NGT48 that took top honors at the end of 2 days at Tokyo Dome City Hall on January 21st and 22nd.

The afternoon performance opened with “Oogoe Diamond” at #100, dropping from its 2016 ranking of #78. SKE48’s “12 Gatsu no Kangaroo” followed at #99, which fell more than 30 spots from #61 and was without Ami Miyamae who graduated about a month prior.

Several unit songs which are rarely performed made their appearances in the countdown such as “Taboo no Iro” by SakuraHaruka (Miyawaki and Kodama) at #96 and Sayaka Yamamoto’s solo song “Dakishimetaikedo” at #92. Aika Ota who announced her graduation a few days earlier at the HKT48 theater, took the stage with her team for “Yumemiru Team KIV” at #93.

Team 8 made their first appearance of the weekend with “Yume he no Route” at #85 and “Kimi wa Melody” which was first performed yearly a year ago on the final day of AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2016, ranked in at #79. Unfortunately, none of the graduated members from the MV made any surprise appearances for the song.

There was a 3-way tie for #76 with “Kimi no Wedding Dress wo…”, “Aokusai Rock”, and “Subete wa Tochuu Keika” to end the afternoon performance. The encore song was “Heavy Rotation”.

Announced during the afternoon performance was the launch of a new mobile app AiKaBu, the name is a combination of the word idol (aidoru, アイドル) and kabushiki shijo (stock market, 株式市場) and in it the members of the group will be stocks with prices that fluctuate.

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The evening of the first day opened with Dasu (Akari Suda), Tsuma (Kaori Matsumoto) & Nita (Marika Tani) with their song “Koi Yori mo Dream” at #75, having dropped from its 2 years in a row at #44. Renatchies, the special unit selected by Rena Kato ranked in at #70 with “Happy End”, providing a reminder to fans of the release of their photobook on January 31st.

The Rino Sashihara-led “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie” shuffled in at #69, dropping further down the ranks from 2016’s 42nd place ranking. Tentoumu Chu! grabbed #63 with “Kimi Dake ni Chu!Chu!Chu!” while Dendenmu Chu! fluttered in at #56.

Chiyori Nakanishi was reunited with HKT48 when their anthem “Melon Juice” squeezed its way into the last song of the evening at #51. Her performance was a little rough around the edges after being away for so long, earning some playful criticism from Sashihara at the end of the song.

The encore brought the debut performances of “Runner’s High” and “Hibiwareta Kagami”, 2 new songs from AKB48’s upcoming 8th album “Thumbnail”. The first day of AKB48 Group Request Hour Set List Best 2017 came to a close with “Kimi wa Melody”.

100 – Oogoe Diamond
99 – 12 Gatsu no Kangaroo
98 – Omoide Ijou
97 – Temodemo no Namida
96 – Taboo no Iro
95 – Yume de Kiss me!
94 – Hashire! Penguin
93 – Yumemiru Team KIV
92 – Dakishimetaikedo
91 – Escape
90 – Sakki made wa Ice Tea
89 – Kibouteki Refrain
88 – Itoshisa no Accel
87 – Gonna Jump
86 – Arashi no Yoru ni wa
85 – Yume he no Route
84 – Yowamushi Kemushi
83 – Mae Nomeri
82 – Hito Natsu no Hankouki
81 – O-New no Uwabaki
80 – She’s gone
79 – Kimi wa Melody
78 – KONJO
77 – Happy Ranking
76 – Kimi no Wedding Dress wo…
– Aokusai Rock
– Subete wa Tochuu Keika
E1 – Heavy Rotation
75 – Koi Yori mo Dream
74 – Seifuku Bikini
73 – Fuyu-Shogun no Regret
72 – Tasogare no Tandem
71 – 12-Byou
70 – Happy End
69 – Koi Suru Fortune Cookie
68 – Cross
67 – Ii Hito Ii Hito Sagi
66 – Usotsuki na Dachou
65 – Kimi no Hitomi wa Planetarium
64 – Suki! Suki! Skip!
63 – Kimi Dake ni Chu!Chu!Chu!
62 – Zipper
61 – Onna no Ko Da mon, Hashiranakya!
60 – Choose me!
59 – Romance Kakurenbo
58 – LOVE Shugyou
56 – Seifuku wo Kita Meitantei
– Kafka to Dendenmu Chu!
55 – Shinka Shitenee Jan
54 – Short Cut no Natsu
53 – RESET
52 – Densetsu no Sakana
51 – Melon Juice
E1 – Runner’s High
E2 – Hibiwareta Kagami
E3 – Kimi wa Melody

The second day of AKB48 Group Request Hour Set List Best 2017 opened with HKT48’s unit Blueberry Pie (Yui Kojina, Hiroka Komada, Riko Sakaguchi, Misaki Aramaki, and Sae Kurihara) performing “Daite Twintail” at #50 and “Watashi wa Blueberry Pie” at #49. AKB48’s 46th single “High Tension”, even without its center member Haruka Shimazaki who graduated at the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen on December 31st, grabbed #46. Perhaps it was the possibility of Shimazaki returning which boosted her graduation song all the way to #26, which was performed by the rest of the 9th generation members in her absence. “365-Nichi no Kamihikouki”, one of the group’s most performed songs in recent history, glided in at #27.

The encore features 2 more new songs from “Thumbnail” AKB48’s upcoming 8th album in “Dakara Kimi ga Suki Nanoka” (Erina Oda, Yuka Ogino, Akari Suda, Ririka Suto, and Yuka Tano) and Nana Okada’s solo song “Coin Toss”. Followed by “Kimi wa Melody”, the afternoon of the second day of AKB48 Group Request Hour Set List Best 2017 came to a close.

The final performance of the weekend came in for a landing with the coupling songs “Osaekirenai Shoudou” at #25, “Himitsu no Diary” at #24, and HKT48’s “Saiko kayo” at #23. It was an all Kojima unit as Haruna, Natsuki, and Mako shook their tambourines to “Heart Gata Virus” at #21. The sassy duo of Miku Tanaka and Nako Yabuki charmed their way up to #20 with “Namaiki Lips”. Aika Ota’s first ever unit song as center from her days with Team B “Tenshi no Shippo” captured #19, the balloons that she, Mio Tomonaga, and Ai Motomura released into the air possibly symbolic of how “Love-tan” will soon be departing the world of idols in the coming spring.

SKE48’s “Boku wa Shitteiru”, the theme song of their documentary, dropped from 2016’s #2 ranking but remained quite popular for the second year in a row, settling in at #11. Sayaka Yamamoto’s duet with graduate Miyuki Watanabe “Ima Naraba” (#9) became a solo although images of her longtime partner appeared behind her on a giant screen at the back of the stage.

NGT48 seemed to appear out of nowhere as they grabbed #7 with “Kimi wa Doko ni Iru?” and #5 with their theme song “NGT48”, proof of the red and white hot support they have been getting from fans ever since their debut in January of 2016.

Second generation General Manager Yui Yokoyama’s solo song “Tsuki to Mizukagami” from Team A’s “M.T. ni Sasagu” ranked in at #4, while Jurina Matsui was unable to get any higher than #3 with 2016’s #1 song “Akai Pinheel to Professor” and Team 8 kept their #2 spot with “47 no Suteki na Machi he”.

The event clearly belonged to NGT48 as they took the #1 spot with “Max Toki 315-go”, each of their 3 songs which appeared in the ranking planted firmly in the top 10.

The encore debuted “Dare ga Watashi wo Nakaseta?”, “Tanjoubi TANGO”, and “Bucket” from AKB48’s upcoming 8th album “Thumbnail”. The curtains closed on AKB48 Group Request Hour Set List Best 2017 with one last performance of “Kimi wa Melody”.

50 – Daite Twintail
49 – Watashi wa Blueberry Pie
48 – Bara no Gishiki
47 – Kishi ga Mieru Umi Kara
46 – High Tension
45 – Kaisoku to Doutai Shiryoku
44 – Madonna no Sentaku
43 – Ijiwaru Chu
42 – Show fight!
40 – Chameleon Joshikousei
39 – Party is over
38 – Koi no Yubisaki
37 – Kangaeru Hito
36 – Hajimari no Yuki
35 – HKT-jo, Ima, Ugoku
34 – Madogiwa LOVER
33 – Kataomoi Yorimo Omoide wo…
32 – Houenkyou no nai Tenmondai
30 – Seijun Philosophy
29 – Niji no Tsukurikata
28 – Eien Pressure
27 – 365-Nichi no Kamihikouki
26 – Better
E1 – Dakara Kimi ga Suki Nanoka
E2 – Coin Toss
E3 Kimi wa Melody
25 – Osaekirenai Shoudou
24 – Himitsu no Diary
23 – Saiko kayo
22 – Kanojo
21 – Heart Gata Virus
20 – Namaiki Lips
19 – Tenshi no Shippo
18 – Konya wa Shake it!
17 – Yokaze no Shiwaza
16 – Chain of love
15 – Otona Ressha
14 – Soramimi Rock
13 – Koko de Ippatsu
12 – Yume Hitotsu
11 – Boku wa Shitteiru
10 – Ice no Kuchizuke
09 – Ima Naraba
08 – Kokoro no Placard
07 – Kimi wa Doko ni Iru?
06 – Make noise
05 – NGT48
04 – Tsuki to Mizukagami
03 – Akai Pinheel to Professor
02 – 47 no Suteki na Machi he
01 – Max Toki 315-go
E1 – Dare ga Watashi wo Nakaseta?
E2 – Tanjoubi TANGO
E3 – Bucket
E4 – Kimi wa Melody

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