“Never Give Up Girls” Didn’t Give Up, Never! Negicco Shows Their Impressive Style During Tokyo Performance

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“Never Give Up Girls” Didn’t Give Up, Never! Negicco Shows Their Impressive Style During Tokyo Performance

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Negicco, an idol unit from Niigata, had their Tokyo performance of their Negicco First Tour “Never Give Up Girls!!!&Rice&Snow” nationwide tour on April 10th at Akasaka Blitz in front of 1200 fans.

During the concert, they mostly performed songs from their new Rice&Snow album. Starting with “Hikari no Spur,” the first five songs were upbeat as the group performed with the horn section (Kosei Nagata on saxophone and Yoichi Masago on trumpet) to pump up the crowd. During the middle of the show, they switched to a “listening segment.” Negicco performed “Falling Stars,” “Imishin Kamo Dakedo,” “Route Seven no Kioku,” “Sunshine Nihon Kai,” “Hadashi no Rainbow,” and “Summer Breeze” with guest musicians Hase Yasuhiro and Shinya Kogure’s live music playing in the background. From the 16th song “Party ni Tsuite” they began to pump up the venue again. They performed “Negative Girls!” “Tokimeki no Headliner” and concluded with “Sayonara Music.”

During the encore, they performed “Jiyuu Ni” and “Attoteki Na Style” from Rice&Snow. Negicco became one with the venue as they danced the line dance with the crowd during “Attoteki Na Style.”

But this wasn’t the end of it, because it was Nao☆’s birthday that day. Before the double encore songs they had a birthday festival on stage. In honor of Nao☆’s image color mustard yellow, the venue was filled with psyllium and the group’s sound producer connie brought out a birthday cake. When a comment was sought from Nao☆, she said “Since our activities began to increase last year, there were some tough times… and during those tough times Kaepo (Kaede) would hold me for about 40 minutes and rub my back, Poncha (Megu) would listen to me for 3 to 4 hours, and connie-san would listen to my consultations over the phone, even though it may have been during work…” and revealed that she was able to do her best because of the support of the members and staff. At the end, she yelled “Negicco will grow!” with determination. And finally, they performed “SKY” with the guest members and closed the show.

Even at the end of the concert and the audience was prompted to exit the venue, there were many fans continuing fan calls with the music playing. It was a heartwarming experience, really showing just how much Negicco is admired by its fans.

During the concert, it was announced that Negicco will hold a 12th anniversary event, “NEGI FES ~Negicco 12th Birthday~” on July 20 (Monday) at Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park. It’s a rare accomplishment to continue 12 years as an idol. Negicco has shown remarkable growth that we would like to continue to follow.

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Translated by Misato

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