Kagami Mochi: Must Item for New Year’s Celebration in Japan!

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Kagami Mochi: Must Item for New Year’s Celebration in Japan!

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Do you know “Kagami mochi”? It’s a type of rice cake that Japanese offer to God during the new year celebration! “Kagami” means mirror. It was named that way because the shape of the mochi looks like the bronze mirror back then, and it was said that God lived in mirrors.

Usually, every family has at least one Kagami mochi to prepare for the celebration, so many food companies are desperate to sell their Kagami mochi. Right now, Negicco is on a TV commercial for Kagamimochi product by Sato Foods. From this advertisement, you can see that mochi is very essential during the new year’s festive season!

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January 11th is the day of cutting New Year’s rice cakes. Japanese eat a lot of mochi, but it gets tiring when you are always eating in the same way, so many unique recipes were developed to enjoy mochi! I will introduce typical and unique ways of having mochi!

Kinako Mochi

Kinako is made from soy beans, so it’s very healthy. When you mix it with sugar and eat with mochi, it’s super nice!


Uses soy sauce glaze. Mitarashi is written as “御手洗” which originally means the place where you cleanse your hands when visiting a shrine. People started selling Dango at Shimogamo shrine in Kyoto, so they started calling the Dango “Mitarashi Dango” and the name of the sauce became Mitarashi.

Isobe Mochi

To cook this mochi, you just need to put soy sauce after toasting the mochi and then wrap it with seaweed. Very simple but very good!

Mochi Pizza

It’s pizza made from mochi! The texture is different from the usual pizza. It is more chewy and satisfying!

Chocolate Mochi

Boil mochi, mix it with melted chocolate, put cocoa powder around mochi and done! Everyone loves chocolate and mochi, so you just can’t stop loving chocolate mochi, too!

Natto Mochi

Natto goes so well with rice so why can’t it with mochi? It might not look so pretty, but the taste is assured!

Akita Butter Mochi

It was introduced at a TV program and became famous as a new special product of Akita prefecture. It’s not as easy as the ones I have introduced, but still handy and fast to cook!

First, boil the mochi and mix it with egg yolk, sugar and salt. Then put butter and mix them again. Put potato starch when the butter is mixed well. Finally, knead the mochi into small pieces and wait until the softness is good enough!

Mochi basically suits everything! Explore new combinations and find your favorite way of having mochi!

There are more recipes prepared by Sato Foods!

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