Ultradark and Eclectic Idol Unit NECRONOMIDOL to Release EP “from chaos born”!

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Ultradark and Eclectic Idol Unit NECRONOMIDOL to Release EP “from chaos born”!

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NECRONOMIDOL have announced their new EP “from chaos born” (release date: June 15)!

With the days counting down to their 4th one-man live (also their second anniversary live) TENEBRAE ASCENDANT at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on June 30, 2016, NECRONOMIDOL has been debuting a new song every week since the beginning of May. Despite their busy schedule, they have also made time to record these 6 new songs which will be included on “from chaos born”! Once again encompassing a wide array of genres including post-black metal, shoegaze, power metal, and idol pop, be prepared to be surprised once again by NECRONOMIDOL! Sample clips of the songs can be found on their official site.

Cover art is by legendary mangaka Toshio Maeda (best known as the creator of Urotsukidoji and La Blue Girl as well as for his recent collaboration with streetwear brand SUPREME) and photography by Kenta Sotobayashi (photographer for BiSH and Oyasumi Hologram). “from chaos born”, will be released in record shops/online shops all across Japan on June 15th with an online release (via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc) on the same date.

With a year that has already seen the release of their first album “NEMESIS” (release date: February 17) and a tour of New Caledonia in April, expect to be blown away when NECRONOMIDOL takes the stage at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM (thought to be one of the venues necessary on the path to Nippon Budokan) on June 30th!

Track List

01 psychopomp
02 Shimin Kaihougun
03 Nyx
04 Tamam Shud
05 Midnight Dominator
06 Idols Elegy

Buy Item

from chaos born

June 30, 2016 (Thursday)
Ebisu LIQUIDROOM, 3-16-6, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
2,500 yen
Preorder on eplus (Japanese)

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