NGT48 Team NIII 2nd Theater Performance “Pajama Drive” First Day Report

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NGT48 Team NIII 2nd Theater Performance “Pajama Drive” First Day Report

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May 28, 2016 marked the first day of NGT48 Team NIII’s 2nd Theater Setlist, “Pajama Drive.” Their first setlist, “Party ga Hajimaru Yo”, started on January 10, 2016 and ended on May 15, 2016.


As the LED panel of the NGT48 Theater opened, the members of Team NIII formed a circle, and started the performance after Captain Rie Kitahara made a wish that the group will spread its wings to the rest of the country like a Crested Ibis (Niigata’s prefectural bird). On this day, NGT48 stepped into the next chapter of their history.

As with every new setlist, fans had been eager to find out who would be in which unit song. For “Tenshi no Shippo”, Rika Nakai joined 2 junior high members Tsugumi Oguma and Moeka Takakura for an extremely cute, orthodox idol performance. This was followed by Anju Sato, Hinata Honma and Noe Yamada in “Pajama Drive”.

8 years ago, Kitahara made her theater debut as a back dancer for “Junjou Shugi”. 8 years after that, she was part of the performance, singing and dancing alongside Marina Nishigata and Miharu Nara. “Temodemo no Namida”, another staple song from the setlist, was performed by Minami Kao and Maho Yamaguchi. The unit song section ended with Yuka Ogino centering “Kagami no Naka no Jeanne d’Arc”. Fans marveled at the lineup as each unit song started.


During the talk segment, members presented their ideas for future performances, and the ideas proposed by members were definitely worth looking forward to, such as Moeka Takakura’s “Mushroom Seminar” or Nakai’s “Girliness Talk”.

During the encore, NIII unveiled their take on the famous “Wasshoi B” song, whose title is different for every team. For NGT48, it was “Love Love NIII!” It refers to the love between members, their love for fans, and pays homage to LoveLa, the shopping center where the theater is located. The setlist closed with “Max Toki 315”, the group’s first original song, with a new video that had the crested ibis as well as images that represented each member.


Comments from Rie Kitahara (NGT48 Captain)

“Pajama Drive” was where I first learned choreography, so it means a lot to me. Even though it’s been 8 years, my body still remembers it and I was a little surprised.
Members had a lot of scheduling conflicts like drama or other things, so we only had one day where everyone practiced together. But it was great that kenkyuusei did just fine standing in for members who couldn’t come.
Kashiwagi was not able to make it, but she had been talking to members and helping them out by giving them advice.
This is the first time we switched from one setlist to another. As a group, everyone worked hard to achieve the transition and I think it was a big step forward for us. We will do our best to put on good shows, so please keep supporting us.

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