Too Cute for Words! Nanase Nishino Portrays Pizza Delivery Store Manager

Too Cute for Words! Nanase Nishino Portrays Pizza Delivery Store Manager

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On April 6th, 5 new flavors of the popular pizza series “Supreme,” along with a “Best Supreme” with which customers can enjoy 4 of those 5 flavors in one single pizza, were released on sale. Accordingly, Nogizaka46’s Nanase Nishino and Yoshi Murotsu cheerfully play the roles of, respectively, the shop manager and a member of the crew who devote themselves to making pizzas under the motto of “Oishisa, motto!” (More deliciousness!) in an environment conceptually designed after Pizza Hut Nogizaka Shop.
In the commercial, manager Nishino keeps placing the toppings on the dough to make one of the chain’s popular pizzas, a “Super Supreme,” which becomes so heavy that the delivery motorbike does a wheelie while on its way.

At any rate, manager Nishino is breathtakingly cute… If I knew that a cute manager just like her was the one placing the toppings on the pizzas, I would likely find myself inadvertently ordering pizza delivery every night.
Competition in interviews for a part-time job will probably become higher too.
Ah, I want to make some pizzas together with a cute shop manager like her.
No, wait, I would rather be the pizza!



I can’t take my eyes off!


Aaaaaaa, Super Angelic!


I don’t wanna leave you (TωT)



You look cute even when you get serious.



I wanna be the receipt!



Aaaaaaa…. cute. Is this heaven? No, Pizza Delivery station!



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Kenji Harada
Kenji Harada

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