Last Supper? Nama Ham and Yaki Udon Announce Final Live Before “Fasting Period”!
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Nama Ham and Yaki Udon were back together at Toyosu PIT for Hobohobo Fes on March 14, 2017 but, once again, it was the setting for bad news as they announced the details of the last live before their “fasting period” (danjiki, 断食).

Titled “Kono Live de Owattara Kimi wa Donzoko”, which translates to “When this live ends you (egg yolk) will be at the bottom of a pit”, Nama Ham and Yaki Udon’s final performance is scheduled for April 21, 2017 at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM. General tickets went on sale at 10:00am March 15th and sold out within a few hours.

Given their rapid rise in popularity, it’s not unusual that they would have been overwhelmed by all their success, especially since they had been in charge of producing themselves while dealing with graduating from high school. Hopefully, with the passage of time, things will be resolved but, for the time being this appears to be “adios”.

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