Hauptharmonie Announces Dismissal of Riko Chigasaki and Disbandment!

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Hauptharmonie Announces Dismissal of Riko Chigasaki and Disbandment!

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2 days after celebrating the birthdays of members Juno Terada and Rin Shirogane, Hauptharmonie dropped a bomb of an announcement via their official blog on March 14, 2017.

The producer of the group O-ant began by mentioning the contract cancellation of member Riko Chigasaki, who was one of the Miss iD 2017 finalists, citing her health issues and non-compliance with the rules. He continued by admitting that all the painful experiences over the past 3 years had left the staff without the strength to keep going. Following the release of their album “Brass!Brass!!Brass!!!” (release date: April 4) and its Osaka/Nagoya/Tokyo tour, Hauptharmonie would hold their final performance. O-ant closed by joking that he may reconsider the disbandment of the group if the album sold well.

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In a series of tweets (which have now been deleted along with her account), Riko Chigasaki called her dismissal unfair, claiming that she had not only been charged a high penalty fee due to her absences, but was also made to work under harsh conditions.

More in-depth translations from both sides can be found at

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