moumoon held the First Live in France! Song from new album revealed!

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moumoon held the First Live in France! Song from new album revealed!

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After the successful live named “FULLMOON LIVE SPECIAL 2013 ~ Harvest Moon ~ ” on September 19 (Thu) in Tokyo, Nakano Sunplaza, moumoon appeared in “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris” and held the live for the first time abroad. “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris” is an urban culture event that reproduces the exciting city “Tokyo” which is full of electrifying contents such as fashion, music, gourmet, manga, anime, game, and characters. A lot of J-artists including Tsuchiya Anna, Shonen Knife, moumoon, SPYAIR, AMIAYA, livetune participated this year.

Especially moumoon has won the first place in Japanese artist ranking gathered by French TV “Nolife”. Their appearance in the event was determined because of the skyrocketed name recognition in recent years among Europe.

moumoon TokyoCrazyKawaiiParis moumoon TokyoCrazyKawaiiParis

moumoon enthusiastically sang 11 songs. More than 1,000 audiences participated in the live at the outdoor stage in Parc Floral De Paris and welcomed moumoon. Atmosphere of the venue reached its climax while their popular song “Sunshine Girl” began. When the song “Love is Everywhere” started, all audience put their right hands up in the air, and the live was wrapped in a sense of unity further. Big “moumoon call” has occurred from the audience after YUKA (Vocal) spoke in fluent English, “Here in France far away from Japan, we are very happy that music of moumoon are welcomed and accepted so much. We are sure we’ll come back here!!” At the end of the live moumoon showed off new song “LOVE before we DIE” from the new album to be released on January 29 next year. In the applause and cheers, the first overseas live in France closed the curtain on a great success.


A long line was made for the autograph session after the live. Moreover, they were asked to sign at all over the venue. moumoon has won popularity in France steadily. Their overseas activity in the future is expected.

[Set list]
2. Sunshine Girl
3. Chu Chu
4. Love is Everywhere
5. moonlight
6. I found love.
7. hallelujah
8. Bon Appetit
10. Do you remember?
11. LOVE before we DIE (new song)

Moumoon revealed they will release a new album “LOVE before we DIE” on January 29 next year.
In addition to that all tracks are new songs, the last live “FULLMOON LIVE SPECIAL 2013 ~ Harvest Moon ~ ” will be included in DVD/ Blu-ray, and official fan club “lunar base” limited edition will also be released. Further details will be updated at the official site any time.

Besides, their next monthly event “FULLMOON LIVE” that they’ve been continuing since the debut, will be held on October 19. Because anyone can watch it on Nico Nico Douga, Ustream, and YouTube for free, so those interested in moumoon, please wait and enjoy the next full moon.

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written by Yuji Hara

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