Your “Big Chance”! Audition to Direct Morning Musume. ’14’s Next Music Video!

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Your “Big Chance”! Audition to Direct Morning Musume. ’14’s Next Music Video!

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Fuji TV is planning a year-end television show titled “The Big Chance” to be aired on December 29, 2014 and one of the options being offered is a chance to direct the next Morning Musume. music video!

If you’re a Morning Musume. fan and/or an aspiring filmmaker and currently living in Japan, this could be your big chance to make your professional debut as a music video director live on Japanese television! Obviously such a rare chance will take a bit of talent and hard work as well as some luck. In addition to filling out the form, which is in Japanese, you will be required to submit a video of your previous work (200MB limit), name your favorite current Morning Musume. ’14 member, write a 300-character or less “jiko PR”, and explain in 1000-characters or less what sort of music video you want to make. If selected, you could find yourself on a Japanese year-end program and directing a Morning Musume. video!

This is not the first time that Morning Musume. has reached out to fans to direct one of their videos. In 2009, there was a worldwide contest held to make an OPV (Original Promotion Video) for “3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT!” (coupling song for their 39th single “Shouganai Yume Oibito”) and the winner received 390,000 yen. But in that case, videos were made using pre-recorded video footage of the members. Imagine how amazing it would be to sit in the director’s chair and tell the members of Morning Musume how to make your vision become reality!

※ Because she is graduating from Morning Musume. ’14 on November 26, 2014, Sayumi Michishige will not be on the program. We apologize from any confusion caused by her picture being in the article but, it is likely that there will not be any pictures without her until after her graduation.

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