Tsunku♂ to announce “Big Challenge” for Morning Musume.’14 on January 22

Tsunku♂ to announce “Big Challenge” for Morning Musume.’14 on January 22

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The producer of Hello!Project, Tsunku♂ revealed that “an announcement” about Morning Musume.’14 will be made on January 22, in the event of “au presentation 2014 Spring” supported by Japanese major telecom carrier KDDI.

In response, fans are expressing confusions and all different kinds of rumors such as member’s graduation through Twitter and Forums. This time I would like to translate Tsunku♂’s statement that has given rise to all sorts of speculation.


About an announcement on Morning Musume.’14

I am the producer of Morning Musume.’14 and I appreciate very much that you always support Morning Musume.’14 and Hello!Project.
It’s my pleasure to inform you that I am going to make an announcement about Morning Musume.’14 in the event of “au press conference 2014 Spring” being held on January 22.
They have just re-started its activity with the new name since the beginning of this year.
I would like to set one more “matter” that would be a big turning point for Morning Musume.’14.
I feel this will be a big challenge not only for them, but also for me.
It may be a big gamble whether fans, welcome or not.
Honestly, I have a hesitation even now whether or not to announce this… but I would like to have the moment of January 22th, still believing the year 2014 will be a massive opportunity for MM.’14 to become a big star.

Please look forward to the girls to keep evolving.

Producer Tsunku♂

The keys here are, “au presentation 2014 Spring” and “also a big challenge for me”.
A “certain matter” should be about “au” with no doubt because the announcement will be made in a presentation of “au”.

Anyway, the press conference will be relayed live from the venue on Ustream, so those who are interested in this, check it out.

MM.’14 is now gathering a great amount of attention in Japan and “certain matter” will definitely be the detonator of the evolution of Morning Musume.’14!!

The Ustream program will be started here :

written by Yuji Hara

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