Tokyo Girls’ Update Store Launched!

Tokyo Girls’ Update Store Launched!

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Shipping Japan’s Cutest pop culture goods to the world!

Sorry for waiting! We just launched “Tokyo Girls’ Update Store” to ship every fun of Tokyo Culture!
Now you can buy various J-pop culture goods sold in Japan. Enjoy Japan Idol, Kawaii, and the other totally cute cultures as if you are in Japan!


★All products are official goods in stock by Tokyo Girls’ Update. Please purchase at ease!★
★Shipping fee is uniformly fixed by region. Instead of that, number of items you can buy at once is limited to up to 5.★
*We’re sorry but new account registration is required to purchase.

Go Shopping!


Shoko Nakagawa Official Goods!


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Yumemiru Adolescence Official Goods!


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We’ll update also other artists’ goods soon! So stay tuned and enjoy shopping!

Tokyo Girls’ Update Store :

Thank you, Hotensai! This is what we said in French!

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