From Coffee to Miso Soup! Morning Musume.’17 Presents Miso Soup as The Japanese Standard Breakfast!

From Coffee to Miso Soup!  Morning Musume.’17 Presents Miso Soup as The Japanese Standard Breakfast!

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On January 12th,  Morning Musume.’17 appeared a promotion event of “Morning Miso Soup” to present miso soup as Japanese standard breakfast! (*Masaki Sato and Akane Haga were absent)


This instant miso soup is made in collaboration with one of the popular Japanese miso company Marukome. Each member has own ingredient, and four different types of miso soup will be on sale combining the ingredients.

At the press conference, Morning Musume.’17 members performed a song “Morning Misoshiru” (Morning Miso Soup) which recreated Morning Musume’s major debut single “Morning Coffee” from 1998, with the similar costumes back then! White knitwears and red plaid skirts!

morning-musume-17-miso-soup-03 morning-musume-17-miso-soup-04

In the end of the event, Mizuki Fukumura commented the standard of Japanese breakfast had been “monrning coffee” until now but as one of the additional choices she would like to add “morning miso soup” and make people warmer from morning.

morning-musume-17-miso-soup-06 morning-musume-17-miso-soup-05 morning-musume-17-miso-soup-07

Morning Miso Soup will be on sale during 2017 Spring. Just pour hot water and it gets ready instantly! Enjoy “Morning Miso Soup” with Morning Musume.’17!


Fukumura+Sato+Ogata+Iikubo ver.
morning-musume-17-miso-soup-08Mizuki Fukumura : Tofu
Masaki Sato : Okra
Haruna Ogata : shredded kombu
Haruna Iikubo : Egg

Ikuta+Ishida+Makino+Haga ver.
morning-musume-17-miso-soup-09Erina Ikuta : Spinach
Ayumi Ishida : Green spring onion
Maria Makino : Fu (Japanese dry baked wheat gluten)
Akane Haga : Deep‐fried tofu

Oda+Kudo+Nonaka ver.

Sakura Oda : Wakame (seaweed)
Haruka Kudo : Pumpkin
Miki Nonaka : Fried eggplant

Yokoyama+Kaga ver.
Reina Yokoyama: Enoki mushroom
Kaede Kaga : minced meat


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