Momoiro Clover Z’s Next Single “Seishunbu” Selected as the Theme Song for Their First Movie!

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Momoiro Clover Z’s Next Single “Seishunbu” Selected as the Theme Song for Their First Movie!

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Momoiro Clover Z follows up their epic collaboration with legendary rock band KISS (Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina”) by announcing their second single of the year “Seishunbu” will be released on March 11. Adding to the amazing news that they will be starring in their first film “Maku ga Agaru” (The Curtain Rises), “Seishunbu” will serve as the theme song for the film!

“Maku ga Agaru” was adapted for film from the book of the same name by Oriza Hirata. The story revolves around the members of Momoiro Clover Z as they aim for the top prize at the national tournament of theater clubs under the direction of a new teacher who used to be “the queen of school theater”. “Maku ga Agaru” is directed and produced by Katsuyuki Motohiro who was responsible for the popular “Bayside Shakedown” (Odoru Daisosasen) series. The screenplay was written by Kiyasu Kohei, known for writing the screenplay for the film “Kirishima, Bukatsu Yameterutteyo” as well as his career as a voice actor in Prince Of Tennis (Kaoru Kaido) and Hajime no Ippo (Ippo Makunouchi).

“Maku ga Agaru” premieres on February 28. It was also announced that Momoiro Clover Z will be taking on the challenge of performing a play on the stage this May as well!

The coupling track for “Seishunbu” is “Link Link” which was first heard in the teaser trailer for the film. A third song “Hashire!! (Z ver.)” will also be included on the single.

Trailer for “Maku ga Agaru”:

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Don’t miss the Momoiro Clover Z’s stage actress debut!!

“Maku ga Agaru” Special Website :

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