Momo Ogata Announces Graduation at hanarichu Tour Final

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Momo Ogata Announces Graduation at hanarichu Tour Final

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The tour final for “flower gardening idol unit” hanarichu took place at Shibuya’s TSUTAYA O-nest on February 1, 2015. Soloist Rinne Yoshida made a special appearance to perform with Ririka Kodama as the unit Riririnne and Momo Ogata announced her graduation from the group.

It was a packed house on the first day of February but there were flowers everywhere inside as Riririnne (Ririka Kodama and Rinne Yoshida) got the audience heated with “Sotsugyou Countdown” to start the show.

hanarichu took the stage and performed 4 songs in quick succession, fans waving the flowers of their favorite members in an atmosphere warmer than a greenhouse. However, Momo Ogata caused a chill to run through the venue when she announced that, “at the end of March, the carnations (the flower representing her in the group) would be dispatched”. In less cryptic terms, it meant that she would be graduating from the group to pursue a new path in her life. The main performance ended as Ogata began to sing “Sakura Iro” quietly, the other members of the group following along with tears in their eyes.

The encore took a different tone as hanarichu performed their version of the wildly popular “Youkai Taisou Dai-ichi” and finished with their latest single “Saita! hanarichu~”. Momo Ogata’s final performance with hanarichu is scheduled for March 27th at SHIBUYA THE GAME.

Set List
1. Sotsugyou Countdown
2. Hana Doki Doki Hare
3. Koi Shite YES
4. Colorful High Touch
5. Don’t Stop
6. Sakura Iro

Youkai Taisou Dai-ichi
Saita! hanarichu~

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