Above AVerage: “Sexy-Idol” Unit, Million Girls Z Will Make A Major Label Debut!

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Above AVerage: “Sexy-Idol” Unit, Million Girls Z Will Make A Major Label Debut!

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Million Girls are pornstars who are also models for campaigning the Million Label, and from the past members, Nao Oikawa, Hitomi Hayasaka, Hitomi Hasegawa, Kyoko Nakajima, Naho Ozawa, Shelly Fujii, Yuu Asakura, and Shiori Kamisaki, are some of the legendary and known names of Japanese porn stars who were involved. And as they are celebrating their 10th Anniversary of the group, Million Girls Z, the idol unit, will be distributing online only their major debut single, “I ❤(LOVE)MGZ” on July 29th (Wed), 2015.

Million Girls Z

Million Girls Z

Million Girls Z is a popular “sexy idol unit” who appears on the late-night show “Kakko Kari Terebi.” The current member consists of Rika Hoshimi, Kizuna Sakura, Ichika Ayamori, Ayaka Tomoda, and Ayu Sakurai. All of the members are experienced gravure idols or late-night television show’s personalities, as well as experienced porn stars. Some of these members also appear in movies as well, that porn stars in Japan is actively participating in different kinds of media.

They also have announced to appear in the Sexy Idol Festival, “SEXY-J SUMMER FESTIVAL” on July 31, 2015 (Fri) as well.

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