Dedicated to All Idol Otaku!: Sora Tokui Releases 1st Picture Book “Panda no Oshigoto!”

アイドルを愛するすべてのヲタクへのメッセージ!徳井青空 初の絵本「パンダの推しごと!」
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Dedicated to All Idol Otaku!: Sora Tokui Releases 1st Picture Book “Panda no Oshigoto!”

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Voice actress Sora Tokui will release a picture book titled “Panda no Oshigoto!” on December 7, 2018.

Sora Tokui_Panda no Oshigoto

Known for her voice acting roles as Nero Yuzurizaki on “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes” and Nico Yazawa on “Love Live!”, she is also active as a manga artist.

The multi-talented Tokui’s first picture book “Panda no Oshigoto!” depicts an otaku and his love for Dandan, his favorite member in an idol panda group.

The special site for the picture book has released a preview.

“I’m going to gemba (concert venue) today.
There is an idol panda group’s live where Dandan is performing.
I need to make sure I’m ready.

Dandan T-shirt, got it
Dandan fan, got it
Penlight, got it, keychain and badge, got it
Letter for Dandan, got that too
My feelings of love, got it! Got it! Got it!
All set”

The illustrations show an otaku heading towards the venue.
The importance of being prepared before leaving home—so relatable. I’ve been there!!!

“Gemba means the opportunity to meet your favorite idol with the inference at concerts and events”
it goes on to break down wota terminology so that new and even non-wota can enjoy it as well!

“Waaaaa!!! Dandan!!!

It’s an orusuta (all-standing live) but I’m zero-zure (right in front of her) so I have the chance of getting a resu (response) and one-chan (One-chance) from her. My favorite member Dandan is extremely cute today too.

Thank you for coming to meet us!’

What a precious smile. This is the best.

I’ll wave my penlight hard and support her.
I’ll wave my fan so that she can see it.”

“Orusuta” (means “All-standing”), “Zero-Zure” (means right in front of your favorite idol), “Resu” (means “Response”), “One-chan” (means “One-chance”)…
The books packs in a huge wave of wota terminology!

You can’t help but feel an affinity with the main character supporting his idol!

“There are too many fans who want to go to the next live that it’s become a lottery. It’s because the fans exceed the capacity.

‘We apologise that we are unable to provide a ticket this time.’

No way…

My eyes have glazed over.
All I can do is lie down with my hands over my head.

I’ll definitely be at the next live.”

There it is.
Those destroying words—”We apologise that we are unable to provide a ticket this time.”

Those are the words that always appear in the rejection email.
With that one phrase it feels like you’ve fallen into an abyss of despair. You get it, right?

“But the number of applications for lives have increased rapidly.
No matter how much you try you can never get it.
‘What terrible management…’
There’s come a day where he can’t meet Dandan.”

Although more popularity is a good thing, it’s sad not being able to meet my favorite idol.
I’m supporting her but I feel further and further away…
Sometimes you can’t help but criticize the management.
That’s so relatable for wotaku!!!

The preview goes thus far.

On the book jacket Sora Tokui introduces her work:
“Both I and every other idol in the world are always thinking of the fans we love so much. We’re properly looking at every one of you.”

Will the main character ever get to meet Dandan?
Will he be able to continue supporting her?
Buy the book to read the rest!

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Translated by Sharuru

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