The 4th and Final Celebrity Fan Set List is here! “Boku Ga Koko Ni Iru Riyuu” by Masahiro Tanaka

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The 4th and Final Celebrity Fan Set List is here! “Boku Ga Koko Ni Iru Riyuu” by Masahiro Tanaka

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The 4th and Final Celebrity Fan Set List is here! “Boku Ga Koko Ni Iru Riyuu” by Masahiro Tanaka
After rakugo artist Koasa Shunputei (“Eve wa Adam no Rokkotsu”), ex-soccer player Teruo Iwamoto (“Seishun wa mada Owaranai”) and journalist Souichirou Tahara (“Dou-Naru? Dou-Suru?”), the final celebrity fan list by New York Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, “Boku Ga Koko Ni Iru Riyuu”, was announced on November 5, 2015 via AKB48’s official YouTube channel. The first performance took place on November 8, 2015 at the AKB48 Theater.


Yui Yokoyama was chosen to be the center of this set list. “This is Tanaka48. Maybe the fact that I’m the next ‘General Manager’, which is a baseball term, has something to do with his choice,” said Yokoyama. “This set list made us realize again that theater is a really meaningful place for us, and we’d like to convey the significance to our fans, so we’re going to do our best.”


Members were surprised by Tanaka’s “unconventional” choice of perfomers for unit songs. For example, Rena Kato, who usually performs “cute” units, received lots of praise for her performance in “Kimi wa Pegasus” because of the manly constume and flashy choreography. It is also the first time that Yuka Tano, who is actually really great at dancing, was chosen for “End Roll”, a popular dance number. Moreover, with songs like “Tomodachi De Irareru Nara” (from album “Koko ga Rhodes da, Koko de Tobe!”) and “Seishun on Komorebi” (a song by No Sleeves), this set list departs from the usual and gives fans and members opportunities to discover new things.


The performance ended with members throwing signed balls, which was also Tanaka’s idea.


The line-up includes Yui Yokoyama (Team A), Yuka Tano (Team K), Yuria Kizaki (Team B), Mako Kojima (Team 4), Haruka Shimada (Team K), Maria Abe (Team K), Maria Nagao (Team K), Juri Takahashi (Team 4), Rena Kato (Team B), Tomu Muto (Team K), Mion Mukaichi (Team K), Moe Aigasa (Team K), Shinobu Mogi (Team K), Ami Yumoto (Team K), Makiho Tatsuya (Team B), and Yui Hiwatashi (Team A Draft Kenkyuusei).

Tanaka also wanted to include Minami Takashi, the graduating group leader, but she is not able to participate at all due to scheduling difficulties.

Comments from Masahiro Tanaka:
Q: How did you pick the members? Is there something special about this group?
A: I picked the ones whose performance I’d really like to see.
Q: How about the songs?
A: I picked from my list of favorites, and took the flow and balance into consideration.
Q: How did you come up with the title of the set list?
A: I wanted this to be a set list where members can think about where they all started, so I named it as such.

Comments from Yui Yokoyama (from the press conference after dress rehearsal)
A lot of the members chosen by Tanaka are very important to the future of AKB48. I think it is meaningful that he chose these members, who will help shaping the future of the group, for this set list at this point in time. We are treating every performance as if it’s the last one and giving everything we’ve got.
Just like the title, the theater is where we all started and it’s an important place for us. It also makes us realize that we have to keep growing.If we can become “Idols That Travel to Meet You”, then we’d like to perform in New York one of these days.

(To Fans)A lot of the songs in this set list are about hope and are very cheerful. We will be doing our best so that Tanaka can feel our passion all the way in Major League. Please come see us!

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