Spring Blues: Maneki Kecha Face New Beginnings in the MV for Major Debut Single “Kimiwazurai”!

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Spring Blues: Maneki Kecha Face New Beginnings in the MV for Major Debut Single “Kimiwazurai”!

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Maneki Kecha welcome the coming of spring in the MV “Kimiwazurai” from their major label debut double A-side single “Kimiwazurai/Mosozakura” (release date: April 26)!

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The MV for “Kimiwazurai” is full of spring imagery, opening with Chiai Fujikawa discovering a white balloon stuck in a sakura tree. Throughout the video, several of the other members pass by the same balloon, Miyu Nakagawa spotting it as they splash around on the seashore. As expected of a group from Twin Tail Association Japan, the visuals are well done and the members of Maneki Kecha look really cute as always. “Kimiwazurai” has been selected as the April ending theme song for TV Asahi‘s Music-ru TV April opening theme song for Saitama TV‘s Uta-Musume and Osare Girl.

Here are a few screencaps.

“Kimiwazurai/Mosozakura” will be released in 6 different versions. One with all 5 members on the cover and a solo version for each member. They also appear on a series of posters for Tower Records Shibuya promoting hot new groups.

Maneki Kecha and their big sister group drop have been really busy appearing at events all over Japan so hopefully this is the start of bigger things to come in 2016? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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