Maneki Kecha Keep Walking Towards Their Dreams in the MV for “Dōdemo Iiya”!

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Maneki Kecha Keep Walking Towards Their Dreams in the MV for “Dōdemo Iiya”!

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Maneki Kecha take another big step towards their lofty goals with the MV for “Dōdemo Iiya” from their major label re-debut double A-side single “Dōdemo Iiya/Arikitari na Kotoba de” (release date: June 28)!

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In the MV for “Dōdemo Iiya”, the members of Maneki Kecha cross paths while pursuing their dreams, Chiai Fujikawa as a singer-songwriter performing in the streets and Rin Miyauchi, Miyu Nakagawa, and Reona Matsushita rehearsing for a stage play. This is also the first single for Maneki Kecha since Mayuka Fujisaki graduated from the group and retired from the entertainment industry in May of 2017.

“Dōdemo Iiya/Arikitari na Kotoba de” will be released in a regular version and 5 solo versions. Each solo version includes a solo performance of “Dōdemo Iiya” by the member pictured on the cover.

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