Smiles For All: Akamaru Dash☆ Return to Shibuya WWW for 1st One-Man Live!

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Smiles For All: Akamaru Dash☆ Return to Shibuya WWW for 1st One-Man Live!

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On March 20, 2016, Akamaru Dash☆ returned to Shibuya WWW, the same venue where they had filmed their first MV and commercial for Maruchan instant noodles back in 2013 but, this time it was for their long-awaited first one-man live.


After a short opening video showing their accomplishments on the way to the live, the performance started with “Hippare☆Udon Soba”, Marika Kitazawa and Ayaka Kawamura shouting for the fans to get heated up. The “udon soba” chants sped up during “5 Minute Ruler” and “Uwasa no Japanese Boy “ as Akamaru Dash☆ kicked up their feet like a chorus line and shuffled about on the stage with their hands extended like Kabuki actors.

Introducing themselves, Marika imagined that the different tiers of the venue were like the levels of an arena, calling for each one to raise their voices when called. Continuing on with their major debut song “Tabete, Waratte, Ikiteiku.”, the members moved delicately across the stage, their movements in sync and their voices joining together. As the heat went back up to a boil with “Wonderful☆Smile”, the fans called out loudly and sang along before being stopped in their tracks by Marika’s “Suki dayo!” Bouncing around on the stage during the up tempo “Chronos”, Akamaru Dash☆ got hands waving side to side and aimed for hearts with their finger guns.

Mari Tamashiro and Ayaka kept things simmering with their cute duet “Koi Suru Torazu” before switching places with Nayu Onishi and Marika who turned the clock back to the late 1990’s with “Wonderland”. Another video followed showing audition footage of the 4 members, Nayu dancing to Girls’ Generation, Ayaka performing “Everyday Kachusha”, Mari demonstrating her karate skills, and Marika singing “Hashire!”.

Returning to the stage after a costume change, Akamaru Dash☆ took fans back to that day where they made history almost 3 years ago with “Akamaru Kyuujoushou Dash!!!!”. Mari put on dark sunglasses and laid down some slick rhymes as the mood quickly shifted to that of a nightclub with “Dentou no DASHI to Jounetsu no DASH no Ma”. Passing around their trusty kettle, Akamaru Dash☆ kept the heat on with the futuristic “UDON☆SHAKALAKA”.

With the air growing thick, it was time for the fans to get their towels waving as Mari unleashed her cool rock vocals during “Heartbeat”. Next it was time for Nayu to take the spotlight, starting off the controlled chaos of “Ashita mo Kitto Kyuujoushou☆” as she and the others stirred up the crowd once again. Finishing off the nonstop 6-song set was their latest single “Another You”, which was their first release to break into the Oricon top 5.

Taking a short break, Marika again called out to the “arena”, “second floor”, and “balcony” to be heard before delivering the bad news that the next song would be the last. Shouting out a loud MIX and dancing along, the fans gave their all in thanks for the memories that Akamaru Dash☆ had made together with them. Giving their thanks, the members received a rousing “Gouchisousamadeshita” as they left the stage.

An “okawari” (お代わり, second helping) encore call began almost immediately, speeding up and starting over twice before switching over to a regular “encore” call and chants of the members’ nicknames. Running back out to the stage, Akamaru Dash☆ served up a piping hot dish of “Kokoro no Pierce”, raising their fists and waving their hands like steam escaping from a bowl of udon or soba. Nayu thanked the fans for the “okawari” call. Marika commented that all the hard work preparing for the live was worth it and assured the fans that there was more to come. Ayaka seemed to still be in disbelief as she had struggled through injuries but was grateful to everyone who had helped her along the way. Nayu recalled how ever since they had shot their first MV and commercial at Shibuya WWW, it had been a dream for them to come back and do a one-man live there.

Ending things as they had begun almost 3 years earlier, the last song of the evening was “Akamaru Kyuujoushou Dash!!!!”. Throwing signed plastic balls into the audience, Akamaru Dash☆ also received a surprise from the fans when the venue lit up with orange cyalumes to end the song. Gouchisousamadeshita!

Photos by Kenji Harada

Set List

01 Hippare☆Udon Soba
02 5 Minute Ruler
03 Uwasa no Japanese Boy
04 Tabete, Waratte, Ikiteiku.
05 Wonderful☆Smile
06 Chronos
07 Koi Suru Toras
08 Wonderland
09 Akamaru Kyuujoushou Dash!!!!
10 Dentou no DASHI to Jounetsu no DASH no Ma
12 Heartbeat
13 Ashita mo Kitto Kyuujoushou☆
14 Another You
15 4 colors
E1 Kokoro no Pierce
E2 Akamaru Kyuujoushou Dash!!!!

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