Attention Please! PASSPO☆ Announces the Launch of a New Group: Mama PASSPO☆!

"娘たちを有名にするために、母が有名になる" クルーの母たちによる新グループ「母PASSPO☆」が電撃結成
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Attention Please! PASSPO☆ Announces the Launch of a New Group: Mama PASSPO☆!

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In celebration of Mother’s Day and PASSPO☆’s free live at Yoyogi Park’s Outdoor Amphitheater on May 10, 2016, a new group has just been formed: Haha PASSPO☆ (母PASSPO☆). While it may seem like a laughing matter, “haha” is Japanese for “mother”, which means the mothers of PASSPO☆ will be joining their daughters to help their dreams come true. To make things easier to understand, we have decided to refer to them as Mama PASSPO☆ instead.

mama-passpo-debut-02 mama-passpo-debut-01

Shiori Mori declared that she wanted to become famous at the end of PASSPO☆’s 6th anniversary tour at Shinagawa Stellar Ball on November 28, 2015. With that determination in mind, the group has undergone several changes in the months that followed. They released their re-debut single “Mr. Wednesday” on February 24th, which was accompanied by a 3 city tour, had Naomi Anzai and Mio Masui undergo “color fusion” with the graduated members, released 2 full length MVs for the single and even had a promotional truck driving around Shibuya. However, it seemed that they were only getting started. In order to help their daughters become famous, the mothers of PASSPO☆ decided that they too would need to become famous. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Natsumi Iwamura’s mother was unable to join the others in their quest for fame and glory.

PASSPO☆ has been already producing a group “Petit PASSPO☆” completing with Yukimi Fujimoto’s younger sister Riko as a member. What heights will PASSPO☆ ascend to with the added wisdom and experience of those who helped raise them?

PASSPO☆ site has also been updated to reflect the launch of Mama PASSPO☆ so be sure to direct your attention there as soon as possible!

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