PASSPO☆ Undergoes “Color Fusion” to Inherit All the Past Tracks at New Year’s Flight!

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PASSPO☆ Undergoes “Color Fusion” to Inherit All the Past Tracks at New Year’s Flight!

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On January 9th, PASSPO☆ held a release event at Venus Fort in Odaiba for their re-debut single “Mr.Wednesday” which will be released on February 24th.

So many passengers (fans) gathered at the venue that it exceeded the numbered tickets that had been prepared for the event. The audience was excited to see PASSPO☆’s first flight (live-performance) of 2016 where the new costumes were to be revealed.


Soon after the event began, five crew (members) except for Naomi Anzai and Mio Masui appeared on the stage wearing white coats. Captain Ai Negishi explained that the missing two crew members were late in arriving at the venue due to various reasons.


A video came up on the screen with the caption “LIVE” displayed, showing Anzai and Masui right outside Tokyo Teleport Station, near the venue.
However, the two were abducted almost immediately by Petit PASSPO☆. Chained to a wall in a dark area, the two desperately cried for help, and who should appear to save them but former PASSPO☆ members Makoto Okunaka, Sako Makita, and Kaho Sakuma!

“I’m looking forward to the new PASSPO☆. Think of this as me and take it,” said Okunaka, handing Anzai an ornament with her initial “M” on it. Okunaka’s color of pink then mixed with Anzai’s red to create a new color for Anzai: passion pink. The fusion scene was similar to Dragon Ball and the transformation scene was was a lot like the one from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon! Next, Masui inherited Sakuma’s green and Makita’s pea green, changing her color from light blue to mint green.

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The seven crew members were finally reunited on the stage! They performed “Mr.Wednesday”, wearing the new costume that was directed by Mio Masui and based on the theme “cheerleader”. After the performance, many shouts of “so cute!” broke out from the audience.

Passpo☆ then gave their New Year’s greeting and self-introductions. However, Shiori Mori had changed the phrase of her self-introduction, which caught the attention of the passengers.


■ The new phrase of Shiori Mori’s self-introduction
“I sing towards all over the world with my abs! Everybody in Brazil, can you hear my singing voice? \Yes, I can hear you!/”




When Yukimi Fujimoto was about to start her self-introduction, the audience raised pieces of paper that read “Welcome back, Yukki!”, “Welcome to Japan!” and so on. This was a fan-made parody of the event when PASSPO☆ went to the airport to meet Fujimoto who spent her New Year’s holidays in Hawaii like a TV star. So, for Fujimoto oshi passengers, today’s event was a flight celebrating Fujimoto’s return.




Following the talk, PASSPO☆ performed several of their popular songs “HONEY DISH”, “Material Girl”, and “Pretty Lie” enthusiastically. At the end of the event, they performed “TRACKS” and put a successful period on the day.

It is a testament to the history which PASSPO☆ has written for themselves that there is a song like TRACKS, which reflected everyone’s feelings at that time, when the former members passed on their colors.


During the photo session for audience during the middle of the event, former crew watched over the situation on the screen.
The photos that the audience shot were spread via SNS with the hashtag “#PASSPOカラーフュージョン”, and it became trend on Twitter.


PASSPO☆ showed a strong sense of determination to the effect of, “We will do our best with these magnificent seven towards our re-debut on February 24th.” PASSPO☆ started to walk their new path carrying the thoughts and colors of graduated crew.

We would love to out heartfelt support to the new rainbow that is PASSPO☆.

PASSPO☆ will hold a release event at Tressa Yokohama South Tower 1F Center Garden, Kanagawa on January 11th. They will showcase the coupling song of “Mr.Wednesday” there. The title is “Musical Party”.

They will hold a Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka concert tour in February, so why don’t you go to see the new born PASSPO☆?


“Mr.Wednesday” Free Flight Tour
January 11th, 2016 Tressa Yokohama South Tower 1F Center Garden, Kanagawa
January 17th, 2016 LaLaport KASHIWANOHA 2F Center Plaza, Chiba
January 24th, 2016 iias Tsukuba 1F Center Court, Ibaragi

“Mr.Wednesday” Toumeihan Flight Tour
February 10th, 2016 ESAKA MUSE, Osaka
February 17th, 2016 Live Hall M.I.D, Nagoya, Aichi
February 24th, 2016 LIQUIDROOM, Tokyo

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