Cheeky Parade Changes Their Group Name to “Chicken Party”?!

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Cheeky Parade Changes Their Group Name to “Chicken Party”?!

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It is announced that Cheeky Parade will change their group name to “Chicken Party” and the new artist photo members wearing chicken cosplay is unveiled. 8 chickens and 1 old guy…? What exciting songs “Chicken Party” will bring to us?!


In addition to that surprising announcement, it also revealed that Rino Shimazaki will have enka solo song “Houkago Catharsis”.


…we’re sorry for astonishing you, it’s April 1st today in Japan! April fool! It seems they will not going to change their group name, however, about the information about Rino’s song is real.

“Houkago Catharsis” will be enka remix song of Cheeky Parade. Welcoming the group’s leader Yuna Sekine as narrator, it powers up to the genuinely enka song.

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Cheeky Parade will start release event from April 2nd promoting their 2nd album “Cheeky Parade Ⅱ” to be released in June. The first venue is Amagasaki Q’s MALL in Hyogo prefecture. Unfortunately “Houkago Catharsis” won’t be included in the album, but you might be able to see the live performance during the release events…?! Check the date and venue of their release event on the website!

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