Everyday is the Special Day! Creative Ways of Otaku to Celebrate “Mai Waifu”‘s Birthday!!

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Everyday is the Special Day! Creative Ways of Otaku to Celebrate “Mai Waifu”‘s Birthday!!

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Many anime characters have birthday to celebrate like we do. Anime otaku put a lot of love and effort for their “waifu”, pronouncing the English term, “wife” in Japanese intonation.

As we introduced “ita-bag” before, otaku have various ways to express their love toward their “waifu”, and celebrating birthday is one of the example. Today, I will invite you to the reality of Japanese otaku and waifu’s birthday party by introducing many ways to celebrate your “waifu”’s birthday!

First of all, where did the term “waifu” come from? The full term is “mai waifu”, and this term is spread and used by foreign anime otaku to call their favorite loved character by referring it to one’s wife. “Mai waifu” is a term “my wife” pronounced in Japanese intonation.

What you do for the party is basically up to you! We have some examples that you can take a look at.

This is a birthday party celebrating Ai Mikaze from Uta no Prince Sama. Like creating an ita-bag, many people gather their waifu’s character goods and post photos on Twitter. The characteristics are that most of the times the “waifus”’s favorite food are contributed. Ai’s favorite food is cream puffs, so she placed a tower made by cream puffs.

Where people are having fun celebrating, there are also people who wonder why otaku take so much effort to celebrate the character’s birthday even though their waifu cannot come out from the screen. The answer to this is very simple. Many of the otaku of course memorize their “waifu”’s birthday and as one of the holidays which makes a day nothing special becomes something special.

There are more birthday parties that Japanese otaku take a great interest on.

The town, Akihabara is a holy place to many anime works including LoveLive! The pictures are all taken at Akihabara, where many shops decorate their shops and envelope the space in one character, to celebrate Maki Nishikino’s birthday. Tomato and the color red is her favorite food and color and the shop staffs understand these points including in the decoration.

You might think that this is just an original cosplay, but many cosplayers, who cosplays specially and favors it, shoots it before the birthday and uploads it on SNS with birthday messages. This is a cosplayer cosplaying Satoru Furuya, who is from “Ace of Diamond”.

There can’t be parties without a birthday cake!! This otaku made a nico, a character from LoveLive!, cake from scratch!! This looks good and at the same time “moe”, a Japanese slang term referring to strong affection towards anime and characters.
If you don’t have any skills to create a birthday cake but want one, there is an official ita-cake available online here on Anisyuga!
Anisyuga official site
(*Unfortunately domestic shipping only, as it’s cake)

So, how was the focus on “Mai Waifu”’s birthday party? As I introduced, there are many ways to have your “waifu”’s birthday party!! Check out your “waifu”’s birthday party and figure out what you can do to him or her!

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