How Do Anime Otaku Carry Their Love? Special Feature of Ita-bag!

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How Do Anime Otaku Carry Their Love? Special Feature of Ita-bag!

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Ita-bag, an abbreviation of Itai-bag is a bag to express love towards one’s yome, a way to say otaku’s favorite character. It is basically used when going to anime events, anime pilgrimage, the location of scenes in animation, and trade center of anime mainly in Ikebukuro and Akihabara.

This article explores the features of Ita-bag by looking at some of the examples.

Basically ita-bag is to arrange the bag by putting on specific character goods who one likes. From the bag itself, it is important to match the colors with the character. If there are official bags sold, that is used often too. After putting on items, many ita-bag users cherish a vinyl type bag to put in the ita-bag to protect from damages.

The color of the character and the bag matches perfectly creating a matching ita-bag!

The vinyl bag protects every item that is attached on the bag.

After selecting the base, next is to arrange the bag by putting on goods, considering the layout of the bag.
Uta no Prince Sama ita- bags are great examples of fashionable ita-bag.
Not just putting on character goods, but also one can arrange using ribbons that adds loveliness.

If you have two oshi characters, use both sides to create two sides ita-bag!!

As you can see in the photos, they use a lot of character goods to fill up the bag. Otaku gather these items by hunting anime shops, which can be found in Akihabara and Ikebukuro. The money spent for these bags also describe their love toward their favorite characters. Considering the money spent, why do they collect hundreds of goods to create just one bag? Otaku are creatures that spend a lot of money and time to admire their loved characters, so it is part of their hobby to create these kinds of bags.

I, as a love-liver, habitually use ita-bag when going to LoveLive! fan meeting stage or events relating to LoveLive!


Photo by: Maririn


Photo by: Maririn

I specifically love Hanayo chan, whose color is green. I used bracelets to hook charms to make it charming!
If you want to express the love toward your yome, why don’t create an ita-bag that suits you?

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