What a Colorful Dreams There Were! LoveLive! 2015 ~Dream Sensation!~ Held in Saitama Super Arena

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What a Colorful Dreams There Were! LoveLive! 2015 ~Dream Sensation!~ Held in Saitama Super Arena

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On February 1st, 2015, thousands of fans of LoveLive! gathered at Saitama Super Arena.

It has been 5th one-man live of LoveLive! at this time. The concert is attracted public attention because that the casts who play μ’s recreate the choreography of animation PV. Nine members of μ’s; Emi Nitta (plays Honoka Kosaka), Yoshino Nanjyo (plays Eli Ayase), Aya Uchida(plays Kotori Minami), Suzuko Mimori(plays Umi Sonoda), Riho Iida (plays Rin Hoshizora), Pile (plays Maki Nishikino), Aina Kusuda (plays Nozomi Tojo), Yurika Kubo (plays Hanayo Koizumi), and Sora Tokui (plays Nico Yazawa) , develop the stage.

Before the rise of the curtain, fans were swinging their LoveLive!-blade, which is one of the live goods for the μ’s Go→Go! LoveLive! 2015 ~Dream Sensation!~. The blade has nine colors that made the ground sparkle and colorful.


When the time reached the opening, the stage darkened, and the first song, “Sore wa bokutachi no kiseki (This is our miracle)” played on with the appearance of the members. After the first two songs, “Sore wa bokutachi no kiseki” and “Bokura no LIVE Kimi tono LIFE (Our LIVE with your LIFE)” were performed and after each members introduced themselves, special drama was showing during the intermission.

The solo and duet songs, which were included in the Blu-ray disk of TV animation LoveLive! 2nd Season, were performed for the first time. The costumes and performance were based on the song’s theme that fascinated the fans.



Rin Hoshizora starring Riho Iida, appeared on stage with her wedding dress on. This dress excited the fans because it was exactly the same costume that Rin wore in the 5th story of LoveLive! 2nd season. This story was a turning point of her, since she became the substitute leader of μ’s and tried to bloom up her girlish character that was hidden. The other five members appeared on stage with the tuxedo to support Iida.


The day was Aina Kusuda’s birthday, who stars as Nozomi Tojo, so that after singing “Dancing stars on me!”, the other members made her surprised by singing the birthday song and brought a birthday cake for her. Since it was not announced to her, Aina thanked the members and the fans in tears.



During the costume change, on the screen appeared the CD jackets that μ’s have released and played the song. The Lovelive!-blade was again colorful and matched the beat of the music.

The last song, excluding the encore, performed on stage was the KiRa-KiRa Sensation, which is the last song μ’s performed in the final selection of LoveLive! The first encore started with the animation on the screen, projecting the backstage of the live. The characters on the screen introduced their selves the same way that the casts have done.

In the double encore, the casts and fans sang together “Aishiteru Banza-i! (I love you banzai)” which was the song sang for the graduates in the last episode of 2nd season. The final song was the ending theme song of 2nd season, “Donna toki mo zutto (Anytime we are together)”, falling the curtain of LoveLive! μ’s Go→Go! Lovelive! 2015 ~Dream Sensation!~

In these two days, the movie road show date, June 13th 2015 was announced and also the 6th live has been announced. The release of the movie, and even after that, LoveLeibers cannot wait the new door that LoveLive! would open this year!

The following is the official world homepage and the Youtube video introducing what LoveLive! is.
LoveLive! Official Site :

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