Let’s PocoPoco Cheer on Everyone in the MV for “Mahou no Gaki-Kakko”!

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Let’s PocoPoco Cheer on Everyone in the MV for “Mahou no Gaki-Kakko”!

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Let’s PocoPoco make the world a better place one person at a time in the MV for “Mahou no Gaki-Kakko” from their first mini-album “Colorful PocoPoco” (release date: August 10)!

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In the first MV for Let’s PocoPoco, the members set out to bring happiness to people by encouraging them and letting their inner thoughts be voiced through the use of giant speech bubbles. This is also the first MV since the addition of new members Chino Chitose (formerly known as Chibo from Yurumerumo!), and Rio Kotomi. Lyrics are by Daichi Take (Yurumerumo!) and the music and arrangement is by Kazuma Hashida (Hakoniwa no Shisunaigaku). The thumbnail photo is by Miss iD 2016 semifinalist mitifo, who you may be familiar with from Tokyo Sento or some of Yurumerumo!’s previous works. “Gaki-kakko” are the rectangular quotation marks used in Japanese so now you know how to make “air quotes” in Japan?

Let’s PocoPoco will be holding their first one-man live at TSUTAYA O-nest on September 22nd, Autumnal Equinox Day so perhaps some cosmic forces will be at work to create something really incredible?

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