SKE48 Deliver Non-Stop Excitement at Tokyo Idol Festival 2016!

SKE48 Deliver Non-Stop Excitement at Tokyo Idol Festival 2016!

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SKE48 returned to Tokyo Idol Festival for the second year in a row, packing Zepp Diver City full of idol fans for a double header with NGT48 to open the final day of the largest idol event in the world on August 7, 2016. Fans who had been waiting in the hot sun for hours, rushed into the venue when doors opened at 9:30am, quickly filling up the area in the front of the stage and just about every possible space they could fit themselves into.

When the lights dimmed and “Overture” began to play, the mood inside Zepp Diver City became electrified as the fans chanted along and waved their penlights in anticipation. With Ryoha Kitagawa in the center position, SKE48 kicked off their performance with the popular theater song “Koi wo Kataru Shijin ni Narenakute”, swinging their legs and pumping their fists energetically. Even though there were many warnings against jumping during performances throughout the weekend, there was no stopping the fans from leaving the ground during “Gonna Jump”, Rara Goto shining at the center of the formation.

Skirts twirled and hair whipped to the flamenco guitars of “Chicken LINE”, the atmosphere in the venue continued to heat up. Amazed by how crowded it was Akari Suda asked that everyone take a step back for safety. Continuing from their previous appearance in 2015, Masana Oya used her keen observational skills to introduce some of the members, pointing out that Kitagawa was the ace who had finally been moved to the front lines, referring to Rion Azuma as SKE48’s Angela Aki due to her piano skills, and imploring the audience (especially the “ojisan fans”) to check out Haruka Futamura’s “sexy legs”.

Kitagawa moved back to the center position with Akane Takayanagi starting off the mix as the performance continued with “Aozora Kataomoi”, the members of SKE48 bouncing and spinning across the stage with the blinding stage lights flashing behind them. The summer mood kicked into high gear with Nao Furuhata leading the way with “Pareo wa Emerald” and the genki pair of Akari Suda and Akane Takayanagi pushing the limits of excitement as they incited a singalong during “Aishiteraburu!”.

Jumping into the upbeat “Boku wa Shitteiru”, the #2 ranked song from AKB48 Groups Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2016 and the SKE48 documentary “Idol no Namida”, SKE48 kept the tension high. Closing out their set with “Gomen ne, SUMMER” it was from beginning to end a live packed with the energy and excitement that SKE48 is known for. With Tokyo Idol Festival 2016 being the biggest one yet, hopefully SKE48 will be back again in 2017 to make it 3 in a row!


Photos by Nathan Gey

Set List

00 Overture (SKE48 version)
01 Koi wo Kataru Shijin ni Narenakute
02 Gonna Jump
03 Chicken LINE
04 Aozora Kataomoi
05 Pareo wa Emerald
06 Aishiteraburu!
07 Boku wa Shitteiru
08 Gomenne, SUMMER

Participating Members

Rion Azuma, Masana Oya, Ryoha Kitagawa, Haruka Futamura, Yuna Ego, Mina Oba, Sarina Souda, Akane Takayanagi, Saki Takeuchi, Nao Furuhata, Kanon Kimoto, Haruka Kumazaki, Rara Goto, Maya Sugawara, Akari Suda, Marika Tani

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