7 of Japan’s Rising Groups Sparkle at Kirakira☆Gyu-No Fes!

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7 of Japan’s Rising Groups Sparkle at Kirakira☆Gyu-No Fes!

Photo by Hideki Yamada (Gachi Koi!)

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It was an evening of overwhelming cuteness, overpowering excitement, and eclectic musical styles as extreme entertainer/farmer/idol event promoter Gyuzo held Kirakira☆Gyu-No Fes, his first idol event of 2017 at Shibuya WWW X on February 17th.

As always, the event series promoting Gyuzo’s home prefecture of Tochigi had the venue decorated with banners from Link Tochigi Brex (basketball), HC Nikko Ice Bucks (ice hockey), Tochigi SC (soccer), Utsunomiya Blitzen (cycling), and Nasu Blazen (cycling supplies) who had helped make it possible. Additionally, Kiyotoku, the company that sells Gyuzo’s line of farm-grown Habanero misozuke, participated as a sponsor, providing free samples of “Saga no Gabai Baa-chan” (Super Granny of Saga) black sugar candy to all attendees.


Greeting the audience, Gyuzo joked about how his events seemed to have gotten a reputation of being wild. However, he asked them to not let things get out of control as the concept of the event that day was “everyone is kawaii” with the lineup of drop, Hakoiri♡Musume, Kamiyado, Maison book girl, Maneki Kecha, sora tob sakana, and Yanakoto Sotto Mute, several groups known for their cute appearances as well as their energetic performances.


Dressed in light and summery white dresses, Hakoiri♡Musume were up first, turning back the clock to simpler times with a variety of classic idol songs which included Checkicco’s “Dakishimete” and Idoling!!!’s “Natsuiro Kiss” and “Snow Celebration” as well as some of their originals. Determined to stir the hearts of the audience, they declared that they had specifically prepared their most “kirakira” songs for the event. With their shining smiles, fluttering skirts, and flirtatious choreography, Hakoiri♡Musume had those who came early clapping their hands and swaying along to their nostalgic sounds.

01 Dakishimete
02 Yakusoku no Ponytail
03 Lemonade Kiss
04 Natsuiro Kiss
05 Hako Ippai Present
06 Snow Celebration

sora tob sakana


Swimming in with the soothing seaside sounds of “Umi ni Matsuwaru Kotoba”, sora tob sakana stirred up the audience with their etherial blend of organic and electronic sounds mixed with girlish voices. The tide began to rise with the tightly wound guitars and staccato vocal delivery of “Kōkoku no Machi”. Announcing that they would be holding a solo concert at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on April 30th with a live band, the future looks bright for the young women aiming for the stars.

01 Yozora no Zenbu
02 Mahou no Kotoba
03 Yakan Hikou
04 Koukoku no Machi
05 Toumei na Kaibutsu
06 Natsu no Tobira


First time performers at Gyu-No Fes drop provided some comic relief before they began their performance as Haruka Oba seemed to have forgotten her outfit in rushing to the venue from her stage play, appearing in an oversized white and green tracksuit. Even without Hikari Takiguchi, who had been absent due to illness, the representatives of Twin Tail Japan had their fans jumping and calling out loudly as they charged through their set, starting with “Nanimo Iranai” and “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Chu”. The floor shook as everyone jumped at the command of Haruka during “Koi Shite Kecha”. drop’s elemental storm of a set drew to a close with fan favorite “Joudan Janai ne”, Gyuzo playfully pointing out that fans would have a “special opportunity” to get photos with Haruka in her street clothes because of her forgetfulness.

01 Nanimo Iranai
02 Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Chu
03 Daikirai
04 Koi Shite Kecha Shite
05 Joudan Janai ne

Yanakoto Sotto Mute

Yanakoto Sotto Mute leapt onto the stage with their capes trailing behind them, a fleeting calm before the storm before they drowned out the miseries of everyday life with soaring vocal harmonies and crushing waves of distorted guitars. With their 4-city LIKE A BUBBLE TOUR set to kick off in March, expect the finale at nearby Shibuya WWW to be boiling over with intensity as the “little sisters” of BELLRING Girls Heart continue their rapid ascent through the ranks of the Japanese music scene.

01 Tsukinome
02 Kanaderuha
03 No known
04 Lily
05 Just Breathe
06 Horoscope
07 Done

Maison book girl

Maison book girl, opened their chapter for the evening with their trademark blend of unorthodox rhythms, airy strings, tense percussion, and haunting vocals. Immersing the audience in a trance-like atmosphere, the vanguards of “gakkyoku-ha” had the temperature in Shibuya WWW X rising as they hummed and hopped through “snow irony”. Expect a new volume in their story to unfold as they embark on their 1st nationwide tour in April in support of their 1st major label album “image” and all reservations to be filled when they check into “Solitude HOTEL 3F” at Akasaka BLITZ on May 9th!

01 cloudy irony
02 faithlessness
03 Karma
04 lost AGE
05 snow irony


Accompanied by fans making the letters K-M-Y-D with their arms and chanting along to their familiar intro music, Harajuku’s Kamiyado burst onto the stage with “Hissatsu! Cho-KAMIYADO Senpu”. The floor trembled as the fans continued bouncing along to “Odore! Kamiyado Carnival” and “Kamchatka Adventure”. Wrapping things up with the towel-waving whirlwind of “Summer Dream”, the colorful quintet wrapped up another evening in preparation for their first national tour and biggest stage yet with its finale at Shinagawa Stellar Ball on April 30th.

01 Hissatsu! Cho-KAMIYADO Senpu
02 Odore! Kamiyado Carnival
03 Kamchatka Adventure
04 Action!
05 Harajuku Sentai! KAMIYADO Ranger
06 Summer Dream

Maneki Kecha

A constant fixture at Gyu-No Fes events due to the Tochigi roots of members Mayuka Fujisaki and Rin Miyauchi, Maneki Kecha closed out the evening in grand fashion, taking the stage in dark blue seifuku accented with scarves in their representative colors. Driving their fans wild with the flirtatious “Kokuhaku no Susume”, the members took turns confessing their feelings to them and calling out “suki” (I love you). The sweet delusions continued with “Mōsō Zakura as the venue lit up with the glow of pink penlights. Their performance came to a thundering crescendo with their major label debut song “Kimiwazurai”, lead by Chiai Fujikawa’s impressive rich vocals.

01 Kokuhaku no Susume
02 Mōsō Zakura
03 Arikitari na Kotoba de
04 Aikotoba
05 Kimiwazurai

Photos by Hideki Yamada (Gachi Koi!)

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