i☆Ris Gathers The Pieces Of Rainbow Inside The 2nd Album “Th!s !s i☆Ris!!”, Filled With Their 3rd Year Anniversary Memories.
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Voice actress idol group, i☆Ris celebrates their 4th anniversary this year with varied big events that excited the fans. One is the start of the annual fan club, two is their 2nd Japan live tour, and three is the 4th Anniversary Live at one of the members’ dream stage, Budokan. To prepare for a climatic 4th Anniversary Live, fans awaits the release of its 2nd album “Th!s !s i☆Ris!!” (on sale April 20th).


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I am an anime otaku who still believes in fairy tales:3 Came back from the states and now studies English as my major at university in Tokyo.

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