KAWAII MONSTER CAFE, Produced by Sebastian Masuda, Will Be Coming Soon in Harajuku!

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KAWAII MONSTER CAFE, Produced by Sebastian Masuda, Will Be Coming Soon in Harajuku!

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“KAWAII MONSTER CAFE” produced by Sebastian Masuda will be open in Harajuku. Speaking of Sebastian Masuda, he is famous as an art director especially in Harajuku “KAWAII” culture. For example, he produces Kyary Pamyu Pamnyu’s world and designed the monument of MOSHI MOSHI BOX in Harajuku.

img-kawaiimonstercafe-harajuku-02 2

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Concept of KAWAII MONSTER CAFE is “everyone go into the stomach of the monster”. Merry-go-round in the form of sweets is installed in the café, it becomes fantastic and colorful space. Once you entered to the café, you would feel like you are in different world! In addition, the cafe is operated by major food chains “Diamond Dining”, so you can expect the dishes’ taste.

img-kawaiimonstercafe-harajuku-03 2

Towards the grand opening of August 1, the audition of HARAJUKU MONSTER GIRL who will work at the café will be held. The supervisor of audition is Sebastian Masuda, and HARAJUKU MONSTER GIRL will be chosen on the basis of the five keywords; BABY, DOLLY, CANDY, NASTY, and CRAZY. If you meet the following conditions; living in Japan & interested in Harajuku “KAWAII” culture & over 18 years old, you can apply! Check it out!

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