A New Japanese Festival “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Festival 2018” to Be Held in Shibuya!

A New Japanese Festival “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Festival 2018” to Be Held in Shibuya!

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MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL will be held on Saturday March 24th and Sunday March 25th 2018.


The theme? “A New Japanese Festival”

The theme 2018 is “a new kind of Japanese festival.” Everything you could imagine at a Japanese festival will be there, including stalls, food, stage events, live performances, ennichi and more, all of which will be arranged in a cutting-edge way possible only by MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON. A multitude of experienced-based and participation-based activities are also planned to hit the festival, including popular fashion for girls, beauty, hair arranging, make-up, fortune telling, workshops – the list goes on.

Main Contents

For full details regarding the festival timetable, performer line-up and so on, please visit the official event page:

Find Japan’s Kawaii♡ “Harajuku Kawaii Market”
Location: Laforet Museum Harajuku
Time/Date: March 24th-25th at 11:00-19:00 (subject to change)
This area packs together everything girly and kawaii from fashion to make-up and accessories. Together with a range of DIY’s, fortune telling and stocks of the latest popular items, this is a space that can be enjoyed all day. Check out the flea market where you can purchase the personal items of real models, receive free make-up and hair styling, or get involved with the selection of workshops. And don’t miss out on stage performances either where you’ll have the chance to see looked-up-to models, talks from Instagrammers, and more.

Featuring Japanese new music “MOSHI MOSHI MUSIC FESTIVAL”
Location: Tower Records Shibuya B1F CUTUP STUDIO / Tower Records Shibuya Rooftop Stage
Time/Date: March 24th-25th at 14:00-21:00 (subject to change)
Roll on up to Tower Records in Shibuya for an inspiring showcase of Japan’s finest new music expression through young up-and-coming artists in the Japanese music scene. The music media, who shine light on promising artists and new talent, will promote these new artists. MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON, who promote Japan’s pop culture to the world, will join forces with these curators and create an exciting stage.


Enjoy Hanami Early in Shibuya at “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Market”
Location: Shibuya CAST.
Time/Date: March 24th-25th at 12:00-18:00 (subject to change)
The theme is “enjoying hanami early in Shibuya.” Relish in gazing at the cherry blossoms while indulging in traditional Japanese food, matcha sweets, sake and more. There will also be stalls selling fresh vegetables, along with a host of others, offering food experiences unique to Japan where you’ll be spoiled for choice.


Tie Links With the Gods of Harajuku at “MOSHI MOSHI ENNICHI”
Location: Onden Shrine
Date/Time: March 24th-25th at 12:00-18:00 (subject to change)
This ennichi event will use cutting-edge technology at the traditional Onden Shrine. Stalls are a must-have at Japanese festivals, especially on ennichi, and they will be selling festival food, holding yo-yo fishing, selling Onden Shrine charms and more. Expect to see traditional Japanese performances, character DJs and more. There will also be a karaoke contest for attendees to join in with too.


Shibuya-ku Tourism Association×Gurunavi×MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON
The Shibuya-ku Tourism Association and food experts at Gurunavi will join hands to create an official Shibuya-ku Tourism Association food tourism map from the perspective of MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON. This completely new map will be available from the start of the event and can be picked up at tourist information centers in Shibuya and at the event itself. The map contains lots of must-know information for travelers.

Running:Saturday March 24, 2018 – Sunday March 25, 2018
Time:11:00-21:00 (subject to change)
Location:Shibuya & Harjauku area (Tokyo)
Main Locations:
Laforet Museum Harajuku / Shibuya CAST. / MOSHI MOSHI BOX Harajuku Tourist Information Center / Onden Shrine / Tower Records Shibuya
Experience-based Activities / Performances / Fashion / Participation-based Activities / Inbound Services / and more
Price:Free (select areas will charge a fee)

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Persons who wish to participate must register in advance(
Some events do not require pre-registration.

MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Official site: (English, Japanese & Chinese available)

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