Too Much Forever Alone Time? Here’s Some Kawaii Anime Shorts!

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Too Much Forever Alone Time? Here’s Some Kawaii Anime Shorts!

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Are you in the need for a small dose of kawaiiness? Check out these cute anime shorts – they’ll brighten up your day in minutes!



Nyanpire The Animation (2011)
Original title: にゃんぱいあ The Animation
Length: 4 min
Episodes: 12
Based on a doujinshi manga, the story follows an abandoned black cat who is turned into a vampire, named Nyanpire. Nyanpire gets to live together with the human, Misaki, and other cats, like the angel cat, Nyatenshi, and Chachamaru.


Space Patrol Luluco (2016)
Original title: 宇宙パトロールルル子
Length: 7 min
Episodes: 13
Luluco is just your ordinary middle school girls who wants to be normal. However, one day she is hired by the Space Patrol as a temp worker in order to crack down on illegal activities at her school. These shorts are not only cute but also funny!


Chi’s sweet home (2008)
Original title: チーズスイートホーム
Length: 3 min
Episodes: 104
A homeless and lost kitten named Chi gets adopted by a small family. Watch Chi get used to living with humans, meeting the neighboring cats and growing up! These shorts will certainly warm you up on a cold day. There’s also a sequel called Chi’s Sweet Home: Atarashii Ouchi.


Nyoro-n Churuya-san (2009)
Original title: にょろーん☆ちゅるやさん
Length: 2 min
Episodes: 13
Remember the long, green haired classmate of Suzumiya Haruhi? This anime short is based on Churuya-san, a chibi version of Tsuruya. These shorts showcases a different side to what we see in the main Haruhi anime. Each episode focuses on Churaya’s daily life, friends and great passion for smoked cheese. We also get to see more of the SOS brigade’s shenanigans.


Bananya (2016)
Original title: ばなにゃ
Length: 3 min
Episodes: 13
Follow the secret life of banana cats. The main character is Bananya, who one day dreams to become a stylish chocolate banana. The show also introduces Bananya’s friends, like Mike Bananya, Tora Bananya, Bananya-ko and Tabanyana.



Aggressive Retsuko(2016)
Original title: アグレッシブ烈子
Length: 1 min
Episodes: April 2016 – still airing
Aggressive Retsuko features a red panda named Retsuko, who is not only cute but, as you might notice from the title name, also…somewhat aggressive. Her co-workers and bosses put her under a lot of stress which gives her a lot of stress. When she needs to let off steam, she goes to karaoke to sing death metal.



Hopefully this list will let you enter the world of kawaii. Enjoy!


PS: Got any more suggestions? Share them in the comment section below!




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